Leveling multiple toons…efficiently?

…and without heirlooms!   Is that even possible?  I mean, I am searching for a toon that fits me, that is fun, in PvE and PvP.  Getting to the end (a new Main) sooner is definitely better right?

I have thought about it, and I think I should level all three (Shaman, Priest and Paladin) at the same time.  I think that would give me a better comparison and help choose the one I like playing the most.  It will definitely help me reach my goal sooner I think, as one or more classes could fall out before getting anywhere near max level.

So here are the 3 I have chosen to level as healers; going as high a level as necessary for me to decide or notice that I favor one over the others:

1) Resto Shaman (Orc) = currently 50 and taking a small break (gaining rested time helps)

2) Discipline Priest (Goblin) = starting from 1 and as soon as she is 15 with good enough gear, off to LFD she will go

3) Holy Paladin (Blood Elf) = starting from 1 and off to LFD at 15

Names…names…names…permanent names or something just for this project?  Not sure why I am bothering to debate this with myself.  I always end up spending a couple hours coming up with something unique that no one else has used yet.  And if I find I don’t like that toon, should I delete her or let her relax and sit around until the next expansion or the one after that.  You know, in case they change play/healing styles with the classes again.  😉

So I begin playing the little Goblin Priest to 50 and then the BE Pally to 50 also.  So wish me luck…and more good days than bad.



Starting over…a healer, but which one? and what race?

Starting over is never fun, but this time it will be.

I need to figure out which class and which race I enjoy playing the most.  That means creating one toon for each Horde race of each of the healing classes that I have left to try out.  Even though I have a Paladin that was my Main through Wrath, I have not played her since a couple months after Cata went live.  And I already have a Resto Druid that I have played since part-way through Wrath and all the form changing is just too much to keep up with anymore.

I don’t have much time to get this all figured out since MoP will be coming out sometime late summer/early fall probably.  That means I need to use my time wisely and narrow down my favorites as quickly as possible and then spend the remaining time getting the new Main to max level and get her geared as best I can before this next expansion comes out.

So here is what I need to think about a little and play around with:

Orc, Troll and Goblin Shamans

Blood Elf, Tauren, Troll, Goblin and Undead Priests

Blood Elf and Tauren Paladins

Forget Trolls, I have my Troll Druid and ended up not liking her all that much and leveled up a Tauren Druid to play instead.  So that reduces some of the crowd to go through.  Now to begin the journey to which class.  I already have an Orc Shaman…female of course, so I will work on her first and then decide which class/race is next to try out.

Scratch Undead, Im not so sure I could get into that race at all…I have started a few toons that were Undead and ended up deleting them before they ever made it to 20.  And a Tauren Priest?  No, I can’t see that I would like that either.

I have no clue how many levels it will take to realize this toon or that toon just isn’t fun for me.  So that aside, what else am I looking for?

I never got into Transmogging before, but think I will this time around.  Dressing up my new ‘main’ would be fun, and I’m beginning to think that being an achievement hoarder would be interesting also.  Then there are Mounts I would like to collect…only a select few tho.  I’m not really into having a ton to chose from.  I want at least one Proto-Drake and I don’t care what color!  One and I would be in heaven!  Other than that I already have my adorable and cuddly White polar bear from Northrend.  I think of it as my Coca-Cola bear.  And now that I won’t be playing a druid…I guess a cool mount or two would be fun to have.

Then there are the companion pets…depending on the pet, I might consider it.  But the new pet battle system coming in MoP?  Nooooo thank you.  I just can’t get into it…

So starting over also means doing things in game that I never did before.  Interesting and hopefully fun too.

Now that I have thinned the choices a bit more, I had better get busy with the leveling, the sooner I find the race/healing class for me, the sooner I get to the fun stuff!  Having bad fibro days will mess me up enough as it is..so I need to make the most of my good days.  ;P


Getting through the more crappy fibro days…

I woke up this morning to one of those days.  I felt like I worked all night!  Sore elbows that hurt like hell, shoulders just as bad, hips sore like I rode a horse (or something less comfortable) all night long in my sleep.  Even the bottoms of my feet are sore, the strangest of all…my armpits hurt!  Now how weird is that!?

But, I want and plan to work on the Orc Resto Shaman that is currently lvl 45 and patiently waiting for me to get back on and get back to work on her.  So far she is fun but I haven’t done any PvP on her, so no decisions yet.  I still have quite a few more toons to create and level up a bit before I can make a definite decision on which will be my favorite.

Thank goodness on better days (and not-so-good days too) I come up with ideas for this blog.  So when I am up to it, I either type out a whole post or begin one and then save it for later for the really, crappy days.  On the ‘OMG I hate this shit’ days, when I can’t do anything except crawl back into bed and sleep for 12-16 hours until I feel good enough to try again…nothing gets done but hours and hours of sleep.

So far today isn’t looking like a sleep day, just another painful day…..so I pop the top off a bottle of Coke and imbibe in the caffeine and sugar rush and set off to see what I can accomplish today.

World of Warcraft with Fibromyalgia

My life has changed since Fibromyalgia. Some refer to it as Fibromyalgia Syndrome (aka FMS), but most of us just call it Fibro.  It changes everyone who has it, but each in a different way.  Being told there is no cure is disheartening.

One of the few hobbies I have left is World of Warcraft.  I also like reading good books when my vision isn’t a blurry mess.

Okay, so things changed.  The burning in my shoulders will not be going away and pushing past the burning pain is NOT an option.  With or without pain meds, the burning is there if I over do something…anything.  Cleaning the livingroom carpet took me 3 hours earlier this week…and is still kicking my butt today, two days later.  So I haven’t played much at all.  But once I have a pretty good day, look out!  As long as I can keep myself from playing too long I should be okay.  Sometimes I can play for 2 hours and be okay, other times I can play for 30 minutes and have pain in my shoulders which can make my whole body tense up…which means I have to stop for a while, sometimes for a couple days.

I can say it, I hate this crap!  Before I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, I had never even heard of it.  The symptoms are similar to MS, any or many of the 80 forms of lupus, thyroid problems and various types of arthritis and/or a combination thereof.  Although many with Fibromyalgia may already have some form of other chronic illness, those who don’t very well could later on.  Fibromyalgia seems to open the door just enough for other chronic ailments to squeeze in.  It definitely wears a person out.  Being sore and often times fatigued for no reason tends to limit what folks with Fibromyalgia do.  The best way for me to put it so everyone understands is this:  After Fibromyalgia you are not the same person you were before the Fibromyalgia.  It affects your whole life in ways you hadn’t thought of.

Worst of all, there is no blood test that will diagnose it.  So many have been told for years that its all in their heads.  Recent research has shown that it is literally in our heads, but not like some would like to think. Even Dr. Oz had a short portion of his show back in March where he talked a little about Fibromyalgia and had a human brain that had been cut in half to show how the brain is either affected by Fibromyalgia or how Fibromyalgia occurs from changes in our brain.  More needs to be done to determine what came first, and there will be many sighs of relief once they get a better understanding of FMS.

Things I was noticing in my WoW play time months before I was diagnosed:

#1- Brain fog…I was having a hard time concentrating in Raids and was easily distracted. I still have issues with being easily distracted, and its annoying!

#2- Irritability…I found myself turning the volume down on my headset or just taking my headset off for quieter game play.  It just seemed too loud for some reason. Even now I tend to play without sound unless I need to be in Vent for something.

#3- Misspelling and forgetting what I wanted to say in guild chat.  Or even worse, messaging the wrong person.  Even speaking was hard at times…I would forget a word I wanted to say or would use the wrong word…making talking in ventrilo or mumble stressful.  Stress…another way to make Fibro rear its ugly head.

#4- Fatigue and Pain…Slower reaction time when healing a Raid or even 5 man’s.  It really irritated the heck out of me. Most of the time I thought it was because I was just too tired from work.  But I felt the same way every day…even after coming home and falling asleep on the couch and being so sore in places where I shouldn’t have been sore.

#5- Lack of Motivation…I just wasn’t having fun anymore.  Not playing at my best really sucked and I felt like I may have to give up playing anymore.  Then I came across this thread in the WoW forums: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/4038615902?page=1    So after reading all 43 pages of that, I decided that if people with worse/more health issues than myself kept trying and kept playing, then I damn well could find a way to play too!

So this past week I have been using the time when I’m too sore to play, to try to figure out how I can make the game fun for myself again.  So, I started reading posts in the New Player Help section of Gameplay and Guides forums.  People who asked how other players choose a race, faction, and how people go about picking a ‘Main’ toon. Choosing a role is easy enough…I want to stay a healer. It’s what I have had the most fun doing in WoW. Faction…got to be Horde!

Essentially, I have decided to start over and figure out what race and class I find the funnest to play.

So Fibro can kick back and watch me play…


My World of Warcraft set up

I love the fact that even older computers can run World of Warcraft, or I would be SoL.

Since my son lent me the use of his extra monitor, I have learned that it would be very hard to go back to a single monitor.  That is, unless I had a huge monitor capable of playing WoW and showing a full browser page unobstructed.  Ya, like that will ever happen!

For now I use two 22″ widescreen monitors.  The difference in colors is no big deal…usually WoW is on the left monitor with a browser open in the right monitor.  If you raid, a dual monitor set-up comes in very handy.

So here is how my desk looks:

As you can see, I have everything I need….a large cup for a drink, my Thermaltake Saphira gaming mouse (new from my husband), my Steelseries Stealth keyboard, hand-me down 5 year old Turtle Beach headset/mic, desk lamp for when I need to take notes or jot down a reminder for something and my pill-box along with the large bottle of Excedrin Migraine pills ready just in case.

I like the Steelseries Stealth because of the ergonomic left side with its programmable keys.  It makes for an easier reach for me compared to the standard keyboard.  There are times I have a hard enough time typing much less playing a game.

My Tower is underneath where it should run cooler.  And since we don’t have air conditioning it is probably the best place for it.  If it gets as hot as last summer, then it may end up with its very own fan for extra cooling.  I am hoping that won’t be necessary. My Tower is also a hand-me-down from my husband.  It’s an Intel Quad Core Q6700 with 8Gb of memory running on Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.  I am using an ATI Radeon HD 5670 1Gb video card.  I prefer AMD processors, but whatever works, right?  It’s not the fastest or prettiest but it works for me.  Plus the graphics are much better than with the old Dual Core I was using, which my youngest son got handed down to him.

So that is what I play on….I wonder what others play on?


How I like to spend my free time

Since I have quite a bit more time on my hands lately, I have been able to spend some time on a couple hobbies and also added a new one.

From as far back as I can remember, I have always loved to read.  Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys were read in entirety.  Thank you school libraries! I have gone through phases of reading Historical Romance novels but at the moment Fantasy/Fiction novels have my full attention.  I have read the Inheritance cycle by Christopher Paolini (Eragon ring a bell?), the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and many Stephen King novels and will hopefully read The Stand this coming winter.  The movie was good, so I have high hopes for the book.

Currently I am fumbling through my husbands collection of Terry Brooks novels of the Shannara series.  I am working on The Elfstones of Shannara. Its only the 2nd book and I am really enjoying it.

So I like fantasy novels the most, they probably helped pave the way to the hobby I began in 2008…World of Warcraft.  My oldest son got me started on that hobby and I have been playing ever since. I will tell more about this hobby in later posts, since it seems to be what I spend more time doing than either Reading or Sudoku.

I finally decided to try Sudoku and had fun with it, so I have taken up doing Sudoku puzzles to keep my mind working against the fibro fog.

Not bad for cheap hobbies, eh?  They should keep me from total boredom in between visits from my kids and grandkids.  😉


And life goes on…

Just because I have Fibromyalgia doesn’t mean I have to drop everything I use to love doing before….does it?  Some things, yes….everything…Oh hell No!  I had a life before you pushed your way through the door….busy as it was, it was a life and somehow…some way…I will have a life again!

Insomnia….your a pain in the rear and you know it.  I imagine that is why you don’t come around often and make the most of it when you are.  You have to compete with anemia to see who is the strongest.   I know, it wasn’t your idea… same old sad excuse.

Fatigue…if I could catch you I would kick your sorry behind and throw you out!  I’m tired of you wasting my time…more importantly, I have had enough of you taking whole days from me!  You are in cahoots with anemia, can never do anything by yourself, huh?   I know, it wasn’t your idea….I’ve heard it all before.

Brain…what is up with the blurry vision?  the headaches at the most inconvenient times?  the burning and twitching muscles?  the tender and just plain painful joints?  I thought we were a team…we use to multi-task and work overtime like there was no tomorrow..and we had fun doing it!  what’s up with the forgetfulness and lack of concentration?  Are you even there?  I know, it wasn’t your idea…they tricked you into it.

Fibromyalgia…You are the Ring leader in all of this.  You arrange for Insomnia and Fatigue to take turns harassing me.  You coordinate with the weather, my hormones and life to have more power over my brain and body than they would have ever thought of on their own.  You wait until I think the coast is clear to do something I really want or need to do and you pounce. You mess with my head and it’s getting old.

You are a Bully…..and if you were a person I would shoot you on the spot.  No doubt or indecision, they would have left the minute they saw you.  Afterward, regret would be long gone fighting for something truly regrettable.  I would be doing the world a great service by ending your reign of pain, sleepless nights and sleep filled days.

But since you aren’t, I guess I will have to find a way to live with you being here, uninvited.   I can’t say you will be the death of me, since I know that is not the case.  Instead, you linger like a stalker.   And since there is no sure way to be rid of you once and for all…I will do my best to live life as pain free as med’s allow and have as many good days as is possible with you tagging along everywhere I go. If you will never leave me be, then get use to sitting in the corner alone because I am done hanging out with you…so here it goes.

Life goes on…