And life goes on…

Just because I have Fibromyalgia doesn’t mean I have to drop everything I use to love doing before….does it?  Some things, yes….everything…Oh hell No!  I had a life before you pushed your way through the door….busy as it was, it was a life and somehow…some way…I will have a life again!

Insomnia….your a pain in the rear and you know it.  I imagine that is why you don’t come around often and make the most of it when you are.  You have to compete with anemia to see who is the strongest.   I know, it wasn’t your idea… same old sad excuse.

Fatigue…if I could catch you I would kick your sorry behind and throw you out!  I’m tired of you wasting my time…more importantly, I have had enough of you taking whole days from me!  You are in cahoots with anemia, can never do anything by yourself, huh?   I know, it wasn’t your idea….I’ve heard it all before.

Brain…what is up with the blurry vision?  the headaches at the most inconvenient times?  the burning and twitching muscles?  the tender and just plain painful joints?  I thought we were a team…we use to multi-task and work overtime like there was no tomorrow..and we had fun doing it!  what’s up with the forgetfulness and lack of concentration?  Are you even there?  I know, it wasn’t your idea…they tricked you into it.

Fibromyalgia…You are the Ring leader in all of this.  You arrange for Insomnia and Fatigue to take turns harassing me.  You coordinate with the weather, my hormones and life to have more power over my brain and body than they would have ever thought of on their own.  You wait until I think the coast is clear to do something I really want or need to do and you pounce. You mess with my head and it’s getting old.

You are a Bully…..and if you were a person I would shoot you on the spot.  No doubt or indecision, they would have left the minute they saw you.  Afterward, regret would be long gone fighting for something truly regrettable.  I would be doing the world a great service by ending your reign of pain, sleepless nights and sleep filled days.

But since you aren’t, I guess I will have to find a way to live with you being here, uninvited.   I can’t say you will be the death of me, since I know that is not the case.  Instead, you linger like a stalker.   And since there is no sure way to be rid of you once and for all…I will do my best to live life as pain free as med’s allow and have as many good days as is possible with you tagging along everywhere I go. If you will never leave me be, then get use to sitting in the corner alone because I am done hanging out with you…so here it goes.

Life goes on…


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