My World of Warcraft set up

I love the fact that even older computers can run World of Warcraft, or I would be SoL.

Since my son lent me the use of his extra monitor, I have learned that it would be very hard to go back to a single monitor.  That is, unless I had a huge monitor capable of playing WoW and showing a full browser page unobstructed.  Ya, like that will ever happen!

For now I use two 22″ widescreen monitors.  The difference in colors is no big deal…usually WoW is on the left monitor with a browser open in the right monitor.  If you raid, a dual monitor set-up comes in very handy.

So here is how my desk looks:

As you can see, I have everything I need….a large cup for a drink, my Thermaltake Saphira gaming mouse (new from my husband), my Steelseries Stealth keyboard, hand-me down 5 year old Turtle Beach headset/mic, desk lamp for when I need to take notes or jot down a reminder for something and my pill-box along with the large bottle of Excedrin Migraine pills ready just in case.

I like the Steelseries Stealth because of the ergonomic left side with its programmable keys.  It makes for an easier reach for me compared to the standard keyboard.  There are times I have a hard enough time typing much less playing a game.

My Tower is underneath where it should run cooler.  And since we don’t have air conditioning it is probably the best place for it.  If it gets as hot as last summer, then it may end up with its very own fan for extra cooling.  I am hoping that won’t be necessary. My Tower is also a hand-me-down from my husband.  It’s an Intel Quad Core Q6700 with 8Gb of memory running on Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.  I am using an ATI Radeon HD 5670 1Gb video card.  I prefer AMD processors, but whatever works, right?  It’s not the fastest or prettiest but it works for me.  Plus the graphics are much better than with the old Dual Core I was using, which my youngest son got handed down to him.

So that is what I play on….I wonder what others play on?


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