Getting through the more crappy fibro days…

I woke up this morning to one of those days.  I felt like I worked all night!  Sore elbows that hurt like hell, shoulders just as bad, hips sore like I rode a horse (or something less comfortable) all night long in my sleep.  Even the bottoms of my feet are sore, the strangest of all…my armpits hurt!  Now how weird is that!?

But, I want and plan to work on the Orc Resto Shaman that is currently lvl 45 and patiently waiting for me to get back on and get back to work on her.  So far she is fun but I haven’t done any PvP on her, so no decisions yet.  I still have quite a few more toons to create and level up a bit before I can make a definite decision on which will be my favorite.

Thank goodness on better days (and not-so-good days too) I come up with ideas for this blog.  So when I am up to it, I either type out a whole post or begin one and then save it for later for the really, crappy days.  On the ‘OMG I hate this shit’ days, when I can’t do anything except crawl back into bed and sleep for 12-16 hours until I feel good enough to try again…nothing gets done but hours and hours of sleep.

So far today isn’t looking like a sleep day, just another painful day… I pop the top off a bottle of Coke and imbibe in the caffeine and sugar rush and set off to see what I can accomplish today.


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