Starting over…a healer, but which one? and what race?

Starting over is never fun, but this time it will be.

I need to figure out which class and which race I enjoy playing the most.  That means creating one toon for each Horde race of each of the healing classes that I have left to try out.  Even though I have a Paladin that was my Main through Wrath, I have not played her since a couple months after Cata went live.  And I already have a Resto Druid that I have played since part-way through Wrath and all the form changing is just too much to keep up with anymore.

I don’t have much time to get this all figured out since MoP will be coming out sometime late summer/early fall probably.  That means I need to use my time wisely and narrow down my favorites as quickly as possible and then spend the remaining time getting the new Main to max level and get her geared as best I can before this next expansion comes out.

So here is what I need to think about a little and play around with:

Orc, Troll and Goblin Shamans

Blood Elf, Tauren, Troll, Goblin and Undead Priests

Blood Elf and Tauren Paladins

Forget Trolls, I have my Troll Druid and ended up not liking her all that much and leveled up a Tauren Druid to play instead.  So that reduces some of the crowd to go through.  Now to begin the journey to which class.  I already have an Orc Shaman…female of course, so I will work on her first and then decide which class/race is next to try out.

Scratch Undead, Im not so sure I could get into that race at all…I have started a few toons that were Undead and ended up deleting them before they ever made it to 20.  And a Tauren Priest?  No, I can’t see that I would like that either.

I have no clue how many levels it will take to realize this toon or that toon just isn’t fun for me.  So that aside, what else am I looking for?

I never got into Transmogging before, but think I will this time around.  Dressing up my new ‘main’ would be fun, and I’m beginning to think that being an achievement hoarder would be interesting also.  Then there are Mounts I would like to collect…only a select few tho.  I’m not really into having a ton to chose from.  I want at least one Proto-Drake and I don’t care what color!  One and I would be in heaven!  Other than that I already have my adorable and cuddly White polar bear from Northrend.  I think of it as my Coca-Cola bear.  And now that I won’t be playing a druid…I guess a cool mount or two would be fun to have.

Then there are the companion pets…depending on the pet, I might consider it.  But the new pet battle system coming in MoP?  Nooooo thank you.  I just can’t get into it…

So starting over also means doing things in game that I never did before.  Interesting and hopefully fun too.

Now that I have thinned the choices a bit more, I had better get busy with the leveling, the sooner I find the race/healing class for me, the sooner I get to the fun stuff!  Having bad fibro days will mess me up enough as it I need to make the most of my good days.  ;P



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