Leveling multiple toons…efficiently?

…and without heirlooms!   Is that even possible?  I mean, I am searching for a toon that fits me, that is fun, in PvE and PvP.  Getting to the end (a new Main) sooner is definitely better right?

I have thought about it, and I think I should level all three (Shaman, Priest and Paladin) at the same time.  I think that would give me a better comparison and help choose the one I like playing the most.  It will definitely help me reach my goal sooner I think, as one or more classes could fall out before getting anywhere near max level.

So here are the 3 I have chosen to level as healers; going as high a level as necessary for me to decide or notice that I favor one over the others:

1) Resto Shaman (Orc) = currently 50 and taking a small break (gaining rested time helps)

2) Discipline Priest (Goblin) = starting from 1 and as soon as she is 15 with good enough gear, off to LFD she will go

3) Holy Paladin (Blood Elf) = starting from 1 and off to LFD at 15

Names…names…names…permanent names or something just for this project?  Not sure why I am bothering to debate this with myself.  I always end up spending a couple hours coming up with something unique that no one else has used yet.  And if I find I don’t like that toon, should I delete her or let her relax and sit around until the next expansion or the one after that.  You know, in case they change play/healing styles with the classes again.  😉

So I begin playing the little Goblin Priest to 50 and then the BE Pally to 50 also.  So wish me luck…and more good days than bad.



6 thoughts on “Leveling multiple toons…efficiently?

  1. Good luck and have fun leveling! That’s a great idea to level each of them to a certain point then decide where to go from there. I’m a little biased towards holy pallies, but my experience with disc priests has been pretty fun as well. I hope you’ll find a new healing toon that fits your fancy! 🙂

    • Thanks, I think I need all the luck I can get. I mean, choosing 1 out of 3 new toons…it can’t be that hard. But then again… Either way it will be an interesting adventure, one that will be fun to share. I am really looking forward to it.

  2. Always best to keep toons I guess, I’m the same with healers. Sooner or later the style of play is going to change, and you’ll like another better. Why not keep them if their not wasting space? Then again I’m the queen of deleting toons so there we are haha

    Looking forward to see which healing style you like best. I enjoyed leveling druids and priests the most, their healing at low level are the most fun for my preference. Healing changes at max level though, when you start healing raids etc I like my druid for dungeons and Holy priests in raids, and Disc for areana’s/bgs, Paladins are a sad third and mine gets rarely used except in arenas when needed. I’m yet to try shammy 🙂

    I also find the priest most versatile for play styles, but I’m bias having many priests with multiple specs lol

    • Since I don’t have anywhere near 50 toons, I guess it won’t hurt to keep them all. Plus, I will eventually need them for professions to supply my Main or help them with gold (since they are all on a fresh server together). Either way it seems a win-win deal.
      Priests definitely seem to have quite a variety to them when it comes to playstyles. that will make it even harder to decide when the time comes.

  3. Good kick with the levelling. I have a few on the go as well & it’s lots of fun & brings lots of variation to the game. I’d never delete any of them once they got past 10. Once they’ve done that I like to think we’ve made a commitment to each other 🙂

  4. Go for it mate. I would love to do this but just don’t have the patience. I do have a 30 Orc shammy which I havnt touched for ages and I tried priest healing a while ago. I wrote up a few posts about it. 🙂

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