Introducing Shortbookie

She is a Goblin of course and a Death Knight.

She insists on being in charge of all gold, profession materials and anything else of value. I will be grooming her in Blood spec so eventually she can farm old dungeons and what not for extra gold.  Something to help her vent any frustrations or indulge any gold cravings she may have. Either way she will be plenty busy keeping track of gold and inventory and such.

My little Bank Bookie….such a Penny Pincher too!

She will begin work on Inscription and Herbalism soon so she can supply everyone with necessary Glyphs and make some gold while she is at it.  She likes the gold part the most.  But by helping the others, they can save gold, which means they will have more to send to her for safekeeping. At least that is her thoughts on the whole thing.

So now her Banking career begins…


The Trio at 50

The girls made it to 50!

Through hot as Hades days and a few rough randoms that left me frustrated and one that literally just peeved me off.  But they made it.

From now on, I will take the dungeon deserter debuff just so I don’t have to deal with players that think it’s okay to go off on others.  It isn’t going to matter who it is that is causing drama…I am outta there! This is the season for new players, and I need to constantly remind myself of that.  Along with the fact that anything spouted off in chat is NOT personal. Some days my Fibro gets the best of me and I forget these things quickly.

So far I seem to favor playing Ezdenia the Disc priest and Calizari the Resto Shaman the most so far.  They are pretty much at a tie for now. All three are in the same guild, which took me a little bit to find.  So many new guilds popping up and old guilds that are taking a break while playing other games or doing other summer activities.

Ezzy is the only one so far that has done much PvP.  She did okay considering her gear.  I have yet to take Calizari into any Battlegrounds yet, but she will be soon.

All three have filled their bag slots with the 16 slot Satchels from Orgrimmar, Darkspear, Bilgewater and Undercity as soon as they got Revered reputation with each and all have gotten the Silvermoon Satchel as well for extra space in their banks.  At the low price of just over 1 gold, who can resist such cheap bag space compared to paying 8-12g each for Netherweave bags?  Not sure if all three will go for the Thunder Bluff Satchel or not.

Trivenna and Calizari both made it to the Barber shop for their Shave and a Haircut achievements.  They needed a change anyway. I am hoping there are new hair styles and colors with the new expansion coming.

I am hoping things get a little more active on Ezdenia tho…so far with good groups, there isn’t much to do other than dps.  Then there are other groups where I save the day, and prevent wipes.  Disc even amazes me lately.  There have been times when someone accidentally pulled a group into the large group that the tank already had…and somehow we seem to make it through.  Usually it leaves me OOM or darn close to it.

Playing Calizari is fun too…and having Earth Shield to smooth things out on big pulls is a huge help.  Tossing out totems isn’t as big of a pain in the rear as I thought it would be and also seems to flow into the mix okay now too.

All three have been about the same as far as healing ability.  Their healing styles each different from one another is a nice change.

It is getting hard not to start any professions on any of them yet.  But I think I will try to hold off until they hit 60 to see if I still feel the same way. In the mean time I have started a Death Knight.  These three need someone to manage the gold and materials they have been collecting.  What they don’t have they can’t spend right?

A not-so-funny thing happened to Ezdenia on her way to 50

After zoning in, the tank asked who was suppose to be healing since there was no healer in the group.  I spoke up and said I was the healer.  Then it started,

Click to open full size in new tab ^

Next thing I know the Mage pulls while the tank is going off on me about how healers are Holy, not Disc.  Sigh….really?  He wouldn’t even give me a chance, and as per usual, nobody else in the group spoke up.  So either they were just as clueless, or thought it was funny.  It sure wasn’t funny to me.   It was rather infuriating!  So much so, that I said the heck with playing anymore today.

I was so mad that I just sat there reading what the tank was saying and didn’t bother to heal anyone all the way through a wipe.  I ran back and left group.

My youngest just shook his head and said that is why he quit playing…too many 12 year olds that think they know everything about the game and are leveling their first toon.    Coming from an almost 16 year old, that was kind of shocking.  But maybe he is right.

There are times when I think we have such an awesome community and other times like today when I would like to drop-kick some toons off the edge of The Terrace of Storms.    It is very pretty there, but an awful long drop.

So instead I hopped on another toon and went flying out there by myself and took a few screenshots.

Temple of Storms

After all that flying around I finally felt better.  No griefing for not having any glyphs, probably since he didn’t have any either…but Disc not being for healing?  LMAO

Just a bump in the leveling road to 85.  Tomorrow is another day…and only three and a half levels to go til 50.

Release Date for MoP getting closer?

I guess they had to throw us a bone sooner or later.  It is a rumor, but we all know how rumors are with Blizzard, so there may be a good chance of them giving us a release date soon.

I missed this yesterday from

Leaked MoP Box Art…but leaked by whom?


This puts a little more get-up-and-go into my leveling project.   Since only Trivenna is at 50 and today I start working on Ezdenia and get her as far as possible.  Not much else to do for today or the next two days as local weather forecasters are predicting 100+ degree temperatures here in the Denver Metro area.  And there are also about four nasty fires burning in the state….almost like our own little messed up version of Cataclysm.

My thoughts and well wishes go out to all affected by these fires here in Colorado and the surrounding states who are also battling fires of their own.  The people fighting these fires have their hands full.

On pets and mounts…things I never did before

Celestial Dragon…after 150 pets are collected

I think I have been lured into collecting the companion pets.  After seeing the Brilliant Kaliri in Orgrimmar, then finding out that I had to have 125 pets to get it…nuff said.  Then I saw someone with the Celestial Dragon which requires me to have collected 150 pets.  I guess this is the beginning of an interesting journey!  And the Sea Pony!  So cute!

So now I need curtail my pet collecting until I have decided on a new main.  No more delays! Must level, level, and level some more.  So far its a tie…they are all fun to play equally and I haven’t really noticed any difference in the classes.  Other than how easy it is to get cloth gear than any other at this level in dungeons.

This is going to be fun to keep track of all the pets there are and figure which ones I want and figure out how to get each of them.  Now I can work on a list of the easiest pets to get and where to get them!   Then by the time I am ready, I can get the easiest ones first and go from there.

Mounts…the only one that I really want is the Time Lost Protodrake…heck, ANY Protodrake would be nice!  I haven’t seen any others that really caught my eye.  I have only seen the Blue Protodrake in Utgarde Pinnacle drop once.  Might be an idea for something to farm for later.  I would rather have a Protodrake than the Rivendare mount.  Let’s just hope I don’t get hooked on collecting mounts…so I won’t even look to see how many of those there are!

And since most pets, mounts and achievements will be account wide come Mists of Pandaria…not a bad way to spend some time this summer while trying to not melt under the Colorado sun.  After hitting a record High of 104F today, my computer may need its own fan soon.

Someone had the Green Wing Macaw pet out during a Zul’Farrak run and I thought that was kind of cute too.  I have gotten that one before and either had given it away to a guildie or put it on the auction house.  No more of that…unless I have an extra.  😉

Oops, too late!  I stumbled upon this great blog before I shut down for the night!  Perks N Peeves   This is one I will use a lot as a reference once I start on my own collecting.

Healer Plate and the lack of for Trivenna

Wow…for a bit there Trivenna was getting Mail drops like crazy right before she hit 40.  And now here she is almost 47 and the most she has been able to do is snag Mail pieces for upgrades.  Poor thing is even sportin Leather bracers!

Almost 47 and still waiting for some Int Plate gear to drop!

It doesn’t seem to affect her ability to heal thank goodness.  With Holy Power, it makes managing mana so much easier.  She has gotten a few compliments on her healing today which was a nice change from most dungeons just rushing through to the end and everyone going their own way.

And still not one Glyph.  The prices on this server are crazy!  I will be so glad when I know which toon I like playing the most.  Then I can get busy with professions.  I would like my main to have Jewelcrafting and Enchanting and then other toons can have what is left of the other professions.

At this point tho, maybe I should get a bank toon started and start them on Inscription and Herbalism.   At the prices on the Auction House, I am missing out on some sales!

Week 3: Trio Dings 40!

Trivenna is finally getting some of the Plate gear she needs.  It has been pretty easy just managing Holy Power with the few healing spells she has now.  She definitely can take more of a beating when tanks can’t hold aggro.   It’s kind of boring healing 5 mans, unless things get crazy, but that doesn’t always end well either.


Ezdenia got her ‘Wings’ and is playing around with those a little bit. Doing Dps just feels weird somehow too.  I have already had one Tank that had no clue about Smite healing Disc priests and rage quit.  I may take a look at the non-atonement spec and be more of a shield spammer. And since I haven’t done any PvP as Disc yet, it may be a good time to check out a PvP spec and give that a go soon anyway.  Lots to figure out on Ezzy. 


And Calizari is having a blast! She finally got rid of those starter area Bracers and has gotten some better gear.  After so many groups that would rather goof off than kill mobs, she needs all the gear she can get to keep her alive.  The only piece that has not dropped for her yet is a Head piece.  Maybe tomorrow.


So they should all be happy toons and get a little bit of rested time built up.  Ezzy….umm Ezdenia looks so cute when she pops her wings! I need to do some reading on Disc Priests.   I will start with some reading on MMO Champion and then see what there is on YouTube to watch on Disc Priests and then of course there are a few Blogs to check out as well that may help me find what I am looking for.