Week 1: Lvl 15-25

Was hoping to be farther along than level 25, but a couple bad days set me back.  These gals had some interesting adventures this week.  Frustrating adventures at times, but adventures none the less.

I started out working on the Holy Paladin, then went to Disc Priest and finished with the Resto Shaman.  Figured if I kept to a strict order nobody would get left in the dust and lag behind on levels.

Lvl 25

By the time I hit 20 on each, I had noticed that healing on the Holy Pally was a bit clunkier than the others.  Maybe it was the managing of Holy Power, maybe not.  Whatever it was, it went away quickly and everything was fine from 20-25 and each seemed pretty even as far as smoothness of healing.

Lvl 25

I did end up in quite a few wasted 5 mans tho.  I hadn’t thought about it being the end of the school year.  Tons of people using the Starter edition to either get back into the game or give it a try for the first time. Of course, everything level 20 and under was full of trial account folks running amuck checking out what their toon could or couldn’t do.  LOL!

Lvl 25

Since I ran by the boy with the Balloon quest I figured if I did it on one, then I had better do it on all three. So now all three have their Balloons!

Hopefully the 5 mans will run smoother and faster soon…I want to see what these gals got!

I also tried BGs…not doing that again for a little while.  Being in a Battle ground full of Alliance Twinks that are camping the spawn spot is just wrong and rather lazy if you ask me.  But I guess that’s what they like to do, so whatever.  That is one thing that I never got into…didn’t really see anything fun in it for me.

A long road still ahead but much fun awaits.  People to meet and people to heal!

4 thoughts on “Week 1: Lvl 15-25

  1. I don’t have fibro but I do have problems with my shoulders and my arms/hands/fingers. So I know what you mean when you say you can’t let your fibro get in the way of your hobbies! It sucks, and you have to take it slow, but it’s just not fair to have to give up something you love! So good on you for trucking on!

  2. Thanks Hooves! I haven’t worked since February of this year and,I wasn’t about to give up something that is lots of fun for me and could make the time pass a little faster. Anything to keep the boredom away. And if it helps to forget the pain, then that is even better. 😉

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