There’s a first time for everything

Today was the first time I have been kicked in a 5 man, or anything else for that matter.  And I wanted them to do it.  I just had to wait until they could, which didn’t take too awful long thankfully.  I hate waiting.

When I queue for Dungeon Finder, I queue as Healer only.  Today I got to see someone queue as healer and dps.  They were wearing full heirlooms but looking at their gear, they were geared with half Agility and half Intellect.

So I decided to focus them and see what they were doing.  They were only throwing Rejuv’s and Wrath and then would stand there doing nothing.  And when I asked in party chat why they were healing when there was nothing to heal, they whispered me laughing and said they should be healing because they have the heirlooms.  I do not of course, since I am leveling these 3 gals without help from other toons on gold, gear, enchants or glyphs.

So I told the group that the druid could heal the entire group and they could kick me because there was no need for 2 healers and I wasn’t going to dps when I queued as heals only.

So now I am wondering is this one of the new ways players grief others in 5mans or what?   I know I would never queue as both just to try to queue faster.  All it usually does is screw up the group, just like when two toons queue as Tank/Dps and then they can’t decide who is going to be the Tank.  I see more of that since queuing as Tank gets a much quicker queue but come on, why try to mess with people?  In the end, all it does is make things go slower.  More Dps is better than having two Tanks or two Healers….things dying faster is a good thing!

Here I thought that it was hard enough healing with 3 out of the 5 being new to the game and pulling extra toons and not focusing on the Tanks target.  LOL.  Guess I saw something new today….since I have not encountered this in a 5 man before…and I have 8 85s on other servers.

Now that I have vented, and feel better and a bit more relaxed I can get back to work queuing Calizari…hopefully she is okay with me getting her kicked just this one time.

4 thoughts on “There’s a first time for everything

  1. Actually I’ve had this a lot, I zone in and someone else wants to tank, or heal….they sometimes even ask the cheek! When that happens, as I play healer/tank classes, I just wait a bit then leave. I play at european times on a US server and I swear that’s when all the crazies appear

  2. It probably wouldn’t have been so frustrating if they would have asked, but instead they just tried to out heal me, which was funny because I still did more healing with less over healing than they did. It just irritated me more than I thought it had. Guess it’s just another one of those things to get use to. I thought it was weird that I had never encountered this as a healer before. I’ll be a bit more prepared if it happens again. I just hate to leave unless I can re-queue fairly quickly. After 4 years I am still seeing new stuff in this game…guess that’s why I am still playing…it’s never boring.

  3. I have not seen that personally, but I would not doubt that it happens. Especially at the lower levels, where a lot of the roles kind of blur together. Hunter tank? Sure, why not.

  4. I have a healer that I queue as healer-only, and a tank on whom I never queue as DPS either. I’ve never run across a second actual tank (which is different than warriors, DKs, and paladins who feel they should “off tank” for me). Once I did get someone who had queued as both healer and DPS; but he was quite happy to go shadowform and do his damage.
    People thinking that they need better gear to heal lower level dungeons are highly mistaken. In my mostly blue gear (some of which is very outdated), my shaman healer tends to do at least a little bit of dps on most trash fights unless they go horribly wrong.

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