Week 2: Ding 30!

All three are at Level 30 now and finally starting to see some decent gear dropping in dungeons.  Trivenna has had the most luck there it seems. She has a Head piece, she just doesn’t like how it looks on her.  Hopefully the other two can catch up and get some of the pieces they need.

Ding! Lvl 30

Ezdenia is doing okay on gear so far.  She needs a nice set of shoulders tho.  Too much competition with Locks and Mages…and Shadow Priests!  But she will get hers soon enough, she is a goblin…they always get what they want somehow.

Ding! Lvl 30

Calizari is a little behind them both for now, lacking a Helm and shoulders.  But you can bet that once she has the opportunity to snag those pieces she needs…she will push and shove her way in there and get them!

Ding! Lvl 30

So far, only Trivenna and Ezdenia have gotten their reputation to Exalted with Orgrimmar.    Calizari isn’t far behind though and will get hers soon too.  It’s a must for keeping the cost of Riding and Flying training down to a more affordable price.

It’s still too early to tell which I like better, but so far I think I have more fun on Calizari and Ezdenia at this point.  That could change, only time will tell.

Hoping to have them all to 40 by the end of this coming weekend….

One thought on “Week 2: Ding 30!

  1. Shaman gear is tough to get! Once you do get to level 40, start watching the mail green drops for int. As soon as you reach 50, you’ll want to do your darnedest to get into mail, but not at the expense of your stats. Maybe the horde dungeon quest rewards take shaman into account, but the alliance versions sure don’t.

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