Week 3: Trio Dings 40!

Trivenna is finally getting some of the Plate gear she needs.  It has been pretty easy just managing Holy Power with the few healing spells she has now.  She definitely can take more of a beating when tanks can’t hold aggro.   It’s kind of boring healing 5 mans, unless things get crazy, but that doesn’t always end well either.


Ezdenia got her ‘Wings’ and is playing around with those a little bit. Doing Dps just feels weird somehow too.  I have already had one Tank that had no clue about Smite healing Disc priests and rage quit.  I may take a look at the non-atonement spec and be more of a shield spammer. And since I haven’t done any PvP as Disc yet, it may be a good time to check out a PvP spec and give that a go soon anyway.  Lots to figure out on Ezzy. 


And Calizari is having a blast! She finally got rid of those starter area Bracers and has gotten some better gear.  After so many groups that would rather goof off than kill mobs, she needs all the gear she can get to keep her alive.  The only piece that has not dropped for her yet is a Head piece.  Maybe tomorrow.


So they should all be happy toons and get a little bit of rested time built up.  Ezzy….umm Ezdenia looks so cute when she pops her wings! I need to do some reading on Disc Priests.   I will start with some reading on MMO Champion and then see what there is on YouTube to watch on Disc Priests and then of course there are a few Blogs to check out as well that may help me find what I am looking for.


2 thoughts on “Week 3: Trio Dings 40!

  1. Atonement spec huh? I just finished leveling that on one priest, for me it’s more of a filler. I heal the same way I would with my preferred spec, and when I have nothing to do I holyfire then smite spam. I think smite is so unpredictable, you can’t tell who it’s going to heal with any regularity. I just hit the 40s on my prot pally and play with an atonement priest, he can’t really do atonement as much if I make large pulls, after all it only really does as much as heal but isn’t as accurate and there’s more risk. And my pulls are a little too large for heal lol
    I have a non-atonement spec thats my abso fave, http://www.wowhead.com/talent#bfhzroko its a, …bubble>right before rapture use a renew>Penance>and then inner focus flash heal/heal>bubble, kind of spec for lvl 41. When it’s finished it looks like this XD http://www.wowhead.com/talent#bfhzrosbforocdr but I’m a fan of pvp/survival based healing, so it’s certainly work to keep anyone but yourself and the tank at the same time alive once you hit level 85. Great for leveling though!
    Good luck with more heals this week 🙂

  2. I will definitely be giving this a try! I also changed my UI last night and went with the Affinity UI from Wow Interface. It has all the power auras set up for Disc Priests and should help me keep track of cooldowns easier. All I need to do is get Resto Shaman power auras imported and I will be ready to go on all three gals.
    It will help a lot since the higher level I get, the more groups there are that like to power right through to the end.

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