Healer Plate and the lack of for Trivenna

Wow…for a bit there Trivenna was getting Mail drops like crazy right before she hit 40.  And now here she is almost 47 and the most she has been able to do is snag Mail pieces for upgrades.  Poor thing is even sportin Leather bracers!

Almost 47 and still waiting for some Int Plate gear to drop!

It doesn’t seem to affect her ability to heal thank goodness.  With Holy Power, it makes managing mana so much easier.  She has gotten a few compliments on her healing today which was a nice change from most dungeons just rushing through to the end and everyone going their own way.

And still not one Glyph.  The prices on this server are crazy!  I will be so glad when I know which toon I like playing the most.  Then I can get busy with professions.  I would like my main to have Jewelcrafting and Enchanting and then other toons can have what is left of the other professions.

At this point tho, maybe I should get a bank toon started and start them on Inscription and Herbalism.   At the prices on the Auction House, I am missing out on some sales!


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