Release Date for MoP getting closer?

I guess they had to throw us a bone sooner or later.  It is a rumor, but we all know how rumors are with Blizzard, so there may be a good chance of them giving us a release date soon.

I missed this yesterday from

Leaked MoP Box Art…but leaked by whom?


This puts a little more get-up-and-go into my leveling project.   Since only Trivenna is at 50 and today I start working on Ezdenia and get her as far as possible.  Not much else to do for today or the next two days as local weather forecasters are predicting 100+ degree temperatures here in the Denver Metro area.  And there are also about four nasty fires burning in the state….almost like our own little messed up version of Cataclysm.

My thoughts and well wishes go out to all affected by these fires here in Colorado and the surrounding states who are also battling fires of their own.  The people fighting these fires have their hands full.


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