A not-so-funny thing happened to Ezdenia on her way to 50

After zoning in, the tank asked who was suppose to be healing since there was no healer in the group.  I spoke up and said I was the healer.  Then it started,

Click to open full size in new tab ^

Next thing I know the Mage pulls while the tank is going off on me about how healers are Holy, not Disc.  Sigh….really?  He wouldn’t even give me a chance, and as per usual, nobody else in the group spoke up.  So either they were just as clueless, or thought it was funny.  It sure wasn’t funny to me.   It was rather infuriating!  So much so, that I said the heck with playing anymore today.

I was so mad that I just sat there reading what the tank was saying and didn’t bother to heal anyone all the way through a wipe.  I ran back and left group.

My youngest just shook his head and said that is why he quit playing…too many 12 year olds that think they know everything about the game and are leveling their first toon.    Coming from an almost 16 year old, that was kind of shocking.  But maybe he is right.

There are times when I think we have such an awesome community and other times like today when I would like to drop-kick some toons off the edge of The Terrace of Storms.    It is very pretty there, but an awful long drop.

So instead I hopped on another toon and went flying out there by myself and took a few screenshots.

Temple of Storms

After all that flying around I finally felt better.  No griefing for not having any glyphs, probably since he didn’t have any either…but Disc not being for healing?  LMAO

Just a bump in the leveling road to 85.  Tomorrow is another day…and only three and a half levels to go til 50.


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