Introducing Shortbookie

She is a Goblin of course and a Death Knight.

She insists on being in charge of all gold, profession materials and anything else of value. I will be grooming her in Blood spec so eventually she can farm old dungeons and what not for extra gold.  Something to help her vent any frustrations or indulge any gold cravings she may have. Either way she will be plenty busy keeping track of gold and inventory and such.

My little Bank Bookie….such a Penny Pincher too!

She will begin work on Inscription and Herbalism soon so she can supply everyone with necessary Glyphs and make some gold while she is at it.  She likes the gold part the most.  But by helping the others, they can save gold, which means they will have more to send to her for safekeeping. At least that is her thoughts on the whole thing.

So now her Banking career begins…


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