The Trio at 50

The girls made it to 50!

Through hot as Hades days and a few rough randoms that left me frustrated and one that literally just peeved me off.  But they made it.

From now on, I will take the dungeon deserter debuff just so I don’t have to deal with players that think it’s okay to go off on others.  It isn’t going to matter who it is that is causing drama…I am outta there! This is the season for new players, and I need to constantly remind myself of that.  Along with the fact that anything spouted off in chat is NOT personal. Some days my Fibro gets the best of me and I forget these things quickly.

So far I seem to favor playing Ezdenia the Disc priest and Calizari the Resto Shaman the most so far.  They are pretty much at a tie for now. All three are in the same guild, which took me a little bit to find.  So many new guilds popping up and old guilds that are taking a break while playing other games or doing other summer activities.

Ezzy is the only one so far that has done much PvP.  She did okay considering her gear.  I have yet to take Calizari into any Battlegrounds yet, but she will be soon.

All three have filled their bag slots with the 16 slot Satchels from Orgrimmar, Darkspear, Bilgewater and Undercity as soon as they got Revered reputation with each and all have gotten the Silvermoon Satchel as well for extra space in their banks.  At the low price of just over 1 gold, who can resist such cheap bag space compared to paying 8-12g each for Netherweave bags?  Not sure if all three will go for the Thunder Bluff Satchel or not.

Trivenna and Calizari both made it to the Barber shop for their Shave and a Haircut achievements.  They needed a change anyway. I am hoping there are new hair styles and colors with the new expansion coming.

I am hoping things get a little more active on Ezdenia tho…so far with good groups, there isn’t much to do other than dps.  Then there are other groups where I save the day, and prevent wipes.  Disc even amazes me lately.  There have been times when someone accidentally pulled a group into the large group that the tank already had…and somehow we seem to make it through.  Usually it leaves me OOM or darn close to it.

Playing Calizari is fun too…and having Earth Shield to smooth things out on big pulls is a huge help.  Tossing out totems isn’t as big of a pain in the rear as I thought it would be and also seems to flow into the mix okay now too.

All three have been about the same as far as healing ability.  Their healing styles each different from one another is a nice change.

It is getting hard not to start any professions on any of them yet.  But I think I will try to hold off until they hit 60 to see if I still feel the same way. In the mean time I have started a Death Knight.  These three need someone to manage the gold and materials they have been collecting.  What they don’t have they can’t spend right?


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