Bucket Lists

Many bloggers have worked through or are currently working on a Bucket list.  It’s something to get them through until the MoP release.  And considering the amount of people who did the Annual Pass, including myself, that means there are lots of bored toons in Azeroth these days.  For me that list is easy to fill, even though I have been playing for 4 years next month.  What can I say?  I had Raid-on-the-brain!

There are quite a few things I have never done in World of Warcraft.  I use to just fly through leveling a toon for the sole purpose of getting them geared up enough to raid.  Thinking about some of those things lately to see if there are things I would really like to do between now and MoP release. Of course, I found many things to do this summer!

I have never:

1,  done any of the seasonal events. Love is in the Air, Noblegarden, Brewfest, etc.

2.  worked towards any specific achievements outside of Raid completion.  Loremaster achievement is one of the first I will be working on.  I found an add-on that I will be trying out.  http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/loremasteraddon  Anything to avoid quests that do not count towards that goal.  And since I am currently leveling toons through the Dungeon Finder only, the amount of gold I will make off quests will be greatly appreciated!

3.  camped a mount or farmed old instances for mounts.  I would really like the Time Lost Proto Drake.  Aeonaxx doesn’t thrill me all that much tho but if I got lucky enough to spot it, then why not go for it.

4.  worked on any titles outside of the Explorer title.  Even then I only did it on one toon.

5.  tried RBGs or Arena and since I am going to get back into PvP, maybe I will get the chance to try out an RBG or two.

6.  actively worked on collecting pets.  Any pets I have on any toons were purely luck.

7.  transmogged any of my toons.

8.  leveled Engineering on a toon. It’s the only profession I have never leveled.  Time to fix that.

9.  gotten anywhere near current gold cap.  And that is definitely something to work on, especially with a new expansion coming.

10.  never leveled a tanking toon.  I have thought about leveling a Prot Warrior specifically for farming old dungeons though.  Not really sure about tanking dungeons or anything like that yet.  Maybe a Blood DK to save some time?  That is if I can get the hang of managing Runes.  Decisions, decisions.

So there is a ton of things I have never done in-game.  I guess once I have a new Main, there will be lots to work on while passing the time until MoP.   If the predictions are right, and I think they are, I have plenty of time to get working on most of this list.  That is if I don’t melt in the summer heat.


New Rheumatologist finally…

But I have to wait until July 17th for my appointment.  At least this doctor looks like he has quite a bit of experience since he specializes in Fibromyalgia.  All I have to do is make it to that day….and right now it may as well be a year away, the way I am feeling.

Out of the last 4 nights, I have had insomnia for 3 of them.  The meds from the original rheumy they sent me to are doing NOTHING to help me sleep or for the pain.  So far I think the only good thing is that my iron level seems to be improving.  Which means that the anemia isn’t fighting the insomnia anymore….not sure which one I would rather have right now.

So from here on until I can see the new doc, no caffiene for me.  Before it was all that would help keep me awake.  Now it helps the insomnia and keeps me up until 2-3am.

I can’t play WoW, I can barely hold up a book to read and typing takes forever. So it looks like today is one of those days I rest and relax as much as humanly possible.

Think I will try bumping up my Tramadol by 50mg for a day or so and see if that helps.  I have to do something, this is no way to live.  Maybe some music to help me relax…

Week 2: Ding 30!

All three are at Level 30 now and finally starting to see some decent gear dropping in dungeons.  Trivenna has had the most luck there it seems. She has a Head piece, she just doesn’t like how it looks on her.  Hopefully the other two can catch up and get some of the pieces they need.

Ding! Lvl 30

Ezdenia is doing okay on gear so far.  She needs a nice set of shoulders tho.  Too much competition with Locks and Mages…and Shadow Priests!  But she will get hers soon enough, she is a goblin…they always get what they want somehow.

Ding! Lvl 30

Calizari is a little behind them both for now, lacking a Helm and shoulders.  But you can bet that once she has the opportunity to snag those pieces she needs…she will push and shove her way in there and get them!

Ding! Lvl 30

So far, only Trivenna and Ezdenia have gotten their reputation to Exalted with Orgrimmar.    Calizari isn’t far behind though and will get hers soon too.  It’s a must for keeping the cost of Riding and Flying training down to a more affordable price.

It’s still too early to tell which I like better, but so far I think I have more fun on Calizari and Ezdenia at this point.  That could change, only time will tell.

Hoping to have them all to 40 by the end of this coming weekend….

There’s a first time for everything

Today was the first time I have been kicked in a 5 man, or anything else for that matter.  And I wanted them to do it.  I just had to wait until they could, which didn’t take too awful long thankfully.  I hate waiting.

When I queue for Dungeon Finder, I queue as Healer only.  Today I got to see someone queue as healer and dps.  They were wearing full heirlooms but looking at their gear, they were geared with half Agility and half Intellect.

So I decided to focus them and see what they were doing.  They were only throwing Rejuv’s and Wrath and then would stand there doing nothing.  And when I asked in party chat why they were healing when there was nothing to heal, they whispered me laughing and said they should be healing because they have the heirlooms.  I do not of course, since I am leveling these 3 gals without help from other toons on gold, gear, enchants or glyphs.

So I told the group that the druid could heal the entire group and they could kick me because there was no need for 2 healers and I wasn’t going to dps when I queued as heals only.

So now I am wondering is this one of the new ways players grief others in 5mans or what?   I know I would never queue as both just to try to queue faster.  All it usually does is screw up the group, just like when two toons queue as Tank/Dps and then they can’t decide who is going to be the Tank.  I see more of that since queuing as Tank gets a much quicker queue but come on, why try to mess with people?  In the end, all it does is make things go slower.  More Dps is better than having two Tanks or two Healers….things dying faster is a good thing!

Here I thought that it was hard enough healing with 3 out of the 5 being new to the game and pulling extra toons and not focusing on the Tanks target.  LOL.  Guess I saw something new today….since I have not encountered this in a 5 man before…and I have 8 85s on other servers.

Now that I have vented, and feel better and a bit more relaxed I can get back to work queuing Calizari…hopefully she is okay with me getting her kicked just this one time.

Week 1: Lvl 15-25

Was hoping to be farther along than level 25, but a couple bad days set me back.  These gals had some interesting adventures this week.  Frustrating adventures at times, but adventures none the less.

I started out working on the Holy Paladin, then went to Disc Priest and finished with the Resto Shaman.  Figured if I kept to a strict order nobody would get left in the dust and lag behind on levels.

Lvl 25

By the time I hit 20 on each, I had noticed that healing on the Holy Pally was a bit clunkier than the others.  Maybe it was the managing of Holy Power, maybe not.  Whatever it was, it went away quickly and everything was fine from 20-25 and each seemed pretty even as far as smoothness of healing.

Lvl 25

I did end up in quite a few wasted 5 mans tho.  I hadn’t thought about it being the end of the school year.  Tons of people using the Starter edition to either get back into the game or give it a try for the first time. Of course, everything level 20 and under was full of trial account folks running amuck checking out what their toon could or couldn’t do.  LOL!

Lvl 25

Since I ran by the boy with the Balloon quest I figured if I did it on one, then I had better do it on all three. So now all three have their Balloons!

Hopefully the 5 mans will run smoother and faster soon…I want to see what these gals got!

I also tried BGs…not doing that again for a little while.  Being in a Battle ground full of Alliance Twinks that are camping the spawn spot is just wrong and rather lazy if you ask me.  But I guess that’s what they like to do, so whatever.  That is one thing that I never got into…didn’t really see anything fun in it for me.

A long road still ahead but much fun awaits.  People to meet and people to heal!

And the leveling journey begins…

Now begins the task of leveling 3 healing classes side by side, Holy Paladin, Disc Priest and Resto Shaman.

Once I decided on names for the Disc Priest and Holy Paladin, I had to think more about how the Resto Shaman was already at 50…so far ahead of the other two.  So I deleted her and started her over.  Fair is fair, right?

So here they are, sitting at level 15 ready and waiting to start their journey to 85, to see which will end up my new Main.

Calizari,  female Orc Resto Shaman

Ezdenia, female Goblin Disc Priest

Trivenna, female Blood Elf  Holy Paladin

Each was leveled to 15 by questing. From 15 to 85 it will be LFD and BGs only.  I know questing would make so much more gold, but that’s not the point of all of this.  The point is to play all three equally for as long as it takes to see a noticable difference in which I have the most fun playing.  That could take til level 70 or 80, or if its a close call….all the way to 85.  We will just have to wait and see.

This is leveling only, no professions will be leveled at all.  That will wait until after one of the three is chosen as Main.  The only thing that they can do is join a guild.  Preferably all joining the same guild.

So here we go…and by we I mean me and 3 baby healers.