The summer doldrums

I finally broke down and put Ezdenia to work at Tailoring and Enchanting.  She had her small bank stuffed full of cloth that she, Trivenna and Calizari had collected while dungeoning.

It is giving her something to do while waiting for her dungeon queue to pop.  It’s better than pacing back and forth in Org muttering to oneself.

I am also checking out different UI setups from WoWInterface.  Last night my previous UI (AffinityUI) started giving me some grief.  So instead of reinstalling it after failing to get it back to its original healer settings, I decided to try a new UI.

It’s summer and I am ready to try something new to keep from boring myself to death before the next expansion comes out.

Regardless of my UI, I am still having fun leveling Ezdenia and Calizari!  And now that there are getting to be quite a few more new spells for Ezdenia to learn, I am trying to get  my UI just right so she can keep track of it all better.

Have a favorite UI to recommend?  I have plenty of time this summer to try out more!


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