Pets and Mounts…new things for me to do

After roughly 70 casts she got it!

Any mounts or pets I have on any of my other level 85s were purely accidental.  I have never actually ‘tried’ to farm for any specific mounts or pets. That changes starting now.  So I am working on a list of the pets I would like to have and what it takes to get them.  A few are achievement rewards, which means collecting many more pets that I wouldn’t collect other than for the reward pet that I want.

The one thing I am NOT doing is purchasing any pets or mounts from the Blizzard Store.  I think in the last four years I have given enough money to Blizzard for my subscription, server transfers and faction changes.  So any pets or mounts I would like to get are available in game using only time and research.


Sea Pony– Woohoo!  Got this one today on Ezdenia…now to put Calizari to work on her fishing…perfect way to get her started and get something more than stinky fish out of it!

Brilliant Kaliri– reward for collecting 125 companion pets

Celestial Dragon-reward for collecting 150 companion pets

Kirin Tor Familiar– reward for completing the Higher Learning Achievement

Green Winged Macaw-drops in The Deadmines off of the Defias Pirates…easy to solo at higher levels

Cockatiel– purchasable, an easy to get pet

Senegal– also easy to get, purchasable

Proto Drake Whelp– chance of getting from the Mysterious Egg which require Oracle rep.

Firefly– Zangarmarch drop

Horde Balloon– already got this since its an easy quest inside Orgrimmar

Hyacinth Macaw

So in order to get all those, which isn’t much but in order to get them I need to collect quite a lot more pets and work on Oracle reputation as well.  It should keep me busy until Mists is released.


Time Lost Proto Drake– can be camped in Storm Peaks…and I will be there..with a book probably or maybe reading other blogs

Green Proto Drake– a chance to drop from the Mysterious Egg once Oracle reputation is high enough

Not many, I just really would like a Proto Drake…not picky which one.


2 thoughts on “Pets and Mounts…new things for me to do

  1. Congrats on the Sea Pony! I have yet to fish it up…around 100+ casts and still counting.

    You can get a couple proto drakes from healer/tank satchels for random heroics! Along with some other nice goodies, pets, and other mounts too, if you’re lucky! 🙂

  2. Whaaa? Oh, that would be nice…if only one dropped for one of my toons, I would be happy. 😀
    I have never seen anyone get any of the Proto drakes from the Satchels, so this is definitely motivating!

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