An excellent way to spend the next 30 days! And by then I will have a new Main, and probably a new Main Alt as well. I haven’t even thought about how I started out playing and my first toon I started out on.Β  So this got me thinking about all that…and it has been quite a while since I have even logged onto my first toon…much thought on that subject going on now.Β  πŸ˜‰

If you haven’t been over on The Blue Haired Geek…go check her out!

The Blue Haired Geek

It’s been ages since I’ve followed one of these, so here goes:

  • Day 01 β€” Your first character?
  • Day 02 β€” The biggest jerk you’ve dealt with (in game)?
  • Day 03 β€” A class you’re awful at playing?
  • Day 04 β€” Your favorite zone (Classic, BC, WotLK & Cata)?
  • Day 05 β€” Your favorite classic instance?
  • Day 06 β€” Your favorite quest line?
  • Day 07 β€” Your favorite piece of lore?
  • Day 08 β€” PvE/PvP/RP?
  • Day 09 β€” Horde or Alliance (and why)?
  • Day 10 β€” Your favorite mount.
  • Day 11 β€” Your favorite gear set.
  • Day 12 β€” Your achievements (choose one character and link it).
  • Day 13 β€” Your favorite Burning Crusade instance?
  • Day 14 β€” When did you start playing?
  • Day 15 β€” Your favorite Wrath instance?
  • Day 16 β€” What do you listen to while playing?
  • Day 17 β€” Your favorite WoW related YouTube video?
  • Day…

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