Ezdenia @ 60!


Ezdenia made it to level 60 on Monday.  She managed to make it this far, and is getting impatient to get to 85.  Then the real fun begins.  I say this because so many randoms lately have been hit and miss…mostly miss.  Some know what they are doing and where they are going and the ones that don’t, well…they don’t last long.

Anyway, I can see why Disc priests are so popular!  And I thought she would be too squishy healing.  She does ok for herself tho.

I have to say tho, that with a good group and a good tank…it can be boring.  And as I found out from 57-60, if you have a good Dk tank it can get very boring.  But that is good right?  Things die faster and dungeons are run faster…which in turn means we level faster.  But I did actually find myself wishing for a jumpy hunter or impatient mage to pull something extra into the mix a few times.  Something to make it more interesting…and give me something more to do than bubble tank, wait, wait, wait, Penance if he blows through the bubble and is getting near half health…or if not and dps is getting hit for some reason, then I can throw out a Prayer of Healing and be done.   I think I like rush of someone accidentally pulling an extra group, just so I could save the day.  Which tends to put a smile on my face for a little while.

I gave her a break today and got to work on Calizari so she could get back to having some fun too.  Although tomorrow evening Ezdenia insists on going with guildies on a Molten Core run.  If only she were 70…then she could hitch a ride to the Karazhan run that is going on right before that.  Oh well, she will just have to do with what she can get…for now.

She managed to get a Smolderweb Egg during one of her many Blackrock Spire runs.  She did miss out on the other companion pet that drops in either Upper or Lower Blackrock Spire.  That’s ok…maybe Calizari will get a chance or two at it.  While Calizari was traveling through Booty Bay…she remembered to stop and buy a couple each of the Senegal and Cockatiel.  So now she and Ezdenia have those as well.  Which quickly got Ezzy the Plenty of Pets Achievement!

The other rather obvious thing I have noticed while playing around on Ezdenia is that she has the BEST rolls of any toon I have ever played on!  I mean this goblin rocks when she rolls!  It’s pretty bad when she fills her bags before the end of an Upper or Lower Blackrock Spire run.  She has ran willy-nilly through that place throwing trash out of her bags just to be sure she didn’t miss out on any gear drops.  She needs them for Enchanting mats ya know!  😉

Well, at least she is resting a little now…but I bet she is already kicking around the dirt waiting for tomorrow nights run…let’s just hope there are enough that signed up for it that she gets to go.  Otherwise she will have to wait to see what else she can find to do.


2 thoughts on “Ezdenia @ 60!

  1. I definitely know what you mean about the boredom in a good group! I’m not sure what level you can get it at, but the archangel/atonement spec lets you heal by hitting things with Smite and Holy Fire. I get a strange thrill out of healing people while blowing things up….well except for that one time when I Smite pulled a boss in Dragon Soul before the tank was ready and caused a wipe… Erm, anyhow! I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying your priest!

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