New Rheumy doc and todays visit…

Today is the fourth day of being sore in every joint and the third day of not being able to play WoW.  It was my first visit to the new rheumatologist tho and was a little surprised what he had to tell me.

After a 3 hour day at the doctors office, doing background history and him looking at blood test results from earlier this year and poking and proding me and questions upon questions and more questions…he is retesting me for a few things and will be doing a couple MRIs in 3 weeks before starting me on any meds.  Mostly because he thinks my pain is not from Fibromyalgia alone…he thinks I have early onset Rheumatoid Arthritis.

So what could be worse than Fibro?  Any one of the autoimmune diseases…sigh.  After spitting that out, he asks me if there is any history of arthritis in my family….um, yes my mother had rheumatoid arthritis…bad enough her docs wanted her to have back surgery and fuse her spine together…to which she told them exactly where they could go.  This was 10 years or so ago tho.

So, now I am in the waiting mode again to see if this new doctor can figure out what the heck is going on with me.  Telling me I am a mess does not count as a diagnosis of anything.  And yes, those were his exact words…I am a physical mess.  Ya think?  He says I am fixable to an extent;  since there are no cures for either Fibromyalgia or Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Time will tell.

He asked me what hobbies I have.  I said I play WoW when I am able and read one of the many Terry Brooks Shannara series books when I can’t play.  He didn’t have much to say to that.   😉

On a sillier note…can you see an Orc shaman gimping along in the very back of the group, grunting and throwing out heals as she went?  That would be me lately.  At least my toons are racking up some rested time…hopefully I will get some rested time too.  I could use the boost.


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