Mists of Pandaria anticipation

I ordered my Digital Standard edition this morning before leaving for an appointment.  So I am ready to go.  I think.

I have to get Calizari and Ezdenia leveled up and make my final choice on a new Main.  Professions also need to be leveled up as they will help make gold and lessen my gold output to gem, enchant, flask these two gals as well.  All I need is to get Shortbookie leveled for her Inscription benefits and I should be ok.  Starting over on a new server is never easy and road blocks don’t help either but I am getting there.

I am going to plow ahead on Calizari first this time since I jumped to 60 first on Ezdenia…hopefully I will see a difference in which one I prefer to play the most.  So far if there is any difference, it isn’t enough that it’s obvious yet.  So until I am sure, I don’t want to chose yet.

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