Priorities pre-MoP

I am hoping that Blizz drops the patch soon enough but not too soon.  That way I can get Calizari and Ezdenia to 80+ by the time it hits.  I think that way I can make a better decision as to which one I like playing best, being as I will know how they are going to feel healing come MoP.  I would hate to get them both to 85 and then have to relearn everything all over again and end up changing my mind.  Not good.  But I am working on getting them both to 80 asap.

Then I need to get Shortbookie leveled up too.  She has Inscription/Herbalism and will be able to make decent gold selling Head and Shoulder Enchants not to mention supplying Cali and/or Ezzy.

If I have time, I would like to get Trivenna leveled up also.  Just in case she is needed for guild runs.  That and I would like to get Blacksmithing/Mining leveled up on her.  Another way to make some gold and not have to spend it for my own needs.

If I am really, really lucky I would like to start on a second Shaman or Priest.  Depending on which I choose as my Main, that way I can still keep learning more about the class but have another toon for professions and bank space.  Just the idea of doing this could be another whole post?  Hmmm.


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