Calizari @ 70

Calizari @ 70

Last night I finally managed to get her to 70.  She finally has Riptide and played with that a little in a couple Utgarde Keep runs.  Of course today they are doing maintenance, so while I wait I will be reading forums and watching vids on Resto Shaman POV for MoP most likely.

She is fun to play, and is always busy doing something.  While waiting on Outland queues I started working on her Explorer title and have Durotar and Northern Barrens so far.  It’s not much, but it’s a start.  I also got her First Aid going finally.  The biggest thing I need to get busy working on is her Jewelcrafting. I think once she has that maxxed, I will drop Mining and put her to work on Alchemy.   She is going to need both once they change over to the new talents and change in mana regen. She will probably be needing as many Mana Pots as she can get on the way from 80 to 90.

I am actually looking forward to the new changes.  Now is the time to be learning while there is still time to play through dungeons to get the hang of it.  Practice, practice, practice.  This is why I love randoms…a mix of easy going groups that are on the verge of boring and other groups that require me to be on the ball at all times to keep the group alive.

I am enjoying Resto shaman and can’t believe I never got past the whole ‘totems’ thing.  Yup, you heard me right…I never played Shaman before because I did not like the idea of having to mess with managing so many Totems.  And now that they will be changing them soon, I think regardless of those changes, it won’t make me stop playing this class.  She is fun!

I read more and more about how Resto Shamans aren’t doing as well in MoP Beta as the other healers…and of course that Holy Pallys are just through the roof again.  No surprise there.  Trivenna will get leveled sooner or later…probably later tho.


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