The rush after the patch

I think I over did it…but Calizari is at 381ilvl.   My hands are so swelled this morning that I can’t play.  Grrr!!

Got in to see doc fast and he fit me in like usual and I am on oral Prednisone for now.

I hope this stuff works…because I sucked in LFR last night..and still managed to be in the top three overall in the second half….maybe they were sore and stiff fingered like me tho.  At least I got the achievement out of it!

And I know there are many playing this game who have one or more of the many chronic pain diseases/conditions…and I hope the best for them..the best doctor, the best meds and the best luck..because that factors in there too.  Every little bit helps..for diagnosis…for being more comfortable with less pain and most of all a better quality of life.  Because there is no cure for this shit…not for Rheumatoid Arthritis and not for Fibromyalgia…which isn’t what any of us wants to hear.

So for now I watch TV and hope for fast working medication and a chance at an aggressive treatment for this.  Doctor said that by Saturday I should be noticing a big improvement.
I hope he is right.

Through all of this…I got very frustrated with my UI and ended up going with Tukui.  I really like it so far.  I kept my Vuhdo of course but have had an issue with it not recognizing Purify Spirit and seems hit and miss when I try to use it.  Hopefully they have that fixed soon.  Hmmm….looks like Vuhdo just did an update…guess I will log on just to take a peek.  Nothing else to do…afternoon Soap operas are…well….boring.


Ding-aling-aling 85!

LOL!  I sure was happy when that achievement came up!

Calizari after hitting 85 and spending JP

Finally made it!  She was able to grab a new Relic and Chest piece right away, but still needs lots of gear….so back she goes, this time into Heroics…better gear and Valor Points!  Oh and I need to get crackin on PvP gear too…so I have my work cut out for me!  Lots of fun tho!  Somehow I have to fit in getting Ezdenia leveled up too….

I managed to fit in Oracle rep up to Honored so that she can start working on hatching those Mysterious Eggs every three days.  Some where in all this I need to get JC and Mining at max so they are ready.  They are both close but yet so far.   And then there is Fishing and Cooking….and IF I have the patience I may work on Archeology some more.  Hopefully.

Definitely feeling the pressure to get ready for MoP…fun, fun, fun!

Why do you play your Faction?

After reading the Breakfast topic on Wow Insider before going off to have my eyes dilated and checked…I was thinking about it during my eye exam.  What else is there to try to focus on when someone is shining bright lights in your eyes and giving you a headache?

So anyway, after thinking about it I would have to say that I play Horde mostly because my oldest son plays strictly Horde.  That is, when he does actually play.  He doesn’t now and that may be why I find myself staring at the toon creation screen with a Draenei Shaman standing there staring back at me. When he got me started, it was on a BElf Hunter.

For some reason I am drawn to Draenei and don’t know why.  I tried looking at a Dwarf Shaman but it didn’t interest me…not like the Draenei.

I still love my Orc Shaman…but there is something about Draenei that just seems to be tempting me.  I find myself staring at this creation screen about once or twice a month lately and wondering if I should.   If I do, then what server should I create one on?  This is where I usually say the heck with it and get back to work on Calizari or Ezdenia.  But I can’t play just at the moment…I had my eyes dilated during a Plaquenil eye exam and they are still all blurry and the bright light messes with them.  Once it wears off I will be on tho!

Maybe I should play around with a Draenei Shaman…after Calizari is at 85 and Ezdenia of course.  How hard would it be to have 2 Shamans and 2 Disc Priests on 2 different servers?  Four toons would be plenty to keep me busy.  I do have a Draenei DK at 85 with maxxed Mining and Herbing sitting on Terokkar but I have no reason to be on that server.  It is the only Alliance toon I have left, the others I had were faction changed back to Horde months/years ago.  But it is an idea, it would help to level professions and make gold I guess.

Decisions, decisions…I will think about it some more.  I know I will.  It would give me the opportunity to meet more very cool people.

Maybe, just maybe I will level a Draenei Shaman.  Just not until after Calizari and Ezdenia are 85 and are ready for Mists.

82 down…3 to go

Since there isn’t much else I can do until I hear from the doctor again and/or the meds start working on the swelling and everything else that goes with it….I have been spending a couple hours here and there working on getting Calizari through normal Cata randoms.

Calizari getting geared in Normal Cata randoms on her way to 85

I was so frustrated yesterday when she was at 97% of level 80 yesterday and I was just too sore and tired to get that last little bit.  So when I couldn’t sleep last night, I gave it another try and got her to 81 and had lots of nice drops raining down like Christmas for her.  She was a happy healer!

Then today…between randoms and farming obsidian ore she got to 82 before I had to take another break…so she can rest now too.  Rested XP is the best!  Maybe later I will be able to get her into a couple more randoms before bed.  If not, no big deal…I need to get busy on Ezdenia as soon as I am up to it.  She has so much gear to DC in her mailbox…and needs to get her Enchanting leveled up to use it.  So much to do!  Maybe after a nap.

Doctors appointment yesterday…

Made it to see the new Rheumy for a second visit… he is calling it seronegative Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I was suppose to start on Plaquenil after an eye exam but today my hands are swelling up pretty quickly so he wants me to start it now but still get the eyes checked next week.  If I am not better by Monday, then he will consider giving me Prednisone or something else to help get the swelling down.

At this rate, if the swelling doesn’t stop I will have balloons for hands by Monday.

This really, really aggravates me…I have kept as positive an attitude as possible and tried to focus more on getting Calizari leveled and watching her HPS climb and climb.  And this morning I managed to get within 3% away from hitting 80!  Now I can barely type and this will probably be it for anything on the computer until the swelling goes down or my hands explode…whichever comes first.

Oh so close to 80

So here is Calizari, patiently waiting for me to feel better so that I can get her that little bit farther…so she can start into the Cata content and hopefully be ready for the Pre-MoP patch.  I hit the AH for a few Cata greens to get her started so she isn’t a total wreck doing Cata normals.

Just wait til I tell doc we have to have me fixed up by launch…I can just see the look on his face now.  Pecking out this post with one finger on each hand isn’t exactly productive but you should have seen me trying to farm ore to get to 80 before giving up…not a pretty sight.

i have high hopes for these meds…but I have already been warned that it could take months for me to see any difference.  I am not giving up…this is the only hobby other than reading that I have left.  And I am not about to give it up!  This crap has taken everything else from me…this I will not let go of.

To do list for Calizari

Busy, busy, busy…

But there is a lot to get done!

She needs to get leveled as quick as possible…that is probably going to be the most important thing to get done.

Jewelcrafting/Mining need to be leveled for use of Cata gems and so they are useful right away when MoP launches.  Maybe, just maybe the new JC mounts will catch her eye!  Kind of doubt it tho…she almost drools over the Proto Drakes hanging out in Org!

Cooking, Fishing and First Aid must be leveled up as well….they will be as important as crafting professions.  Archeology will have to fit in there somewhere as well, wouldn’t want to forget the mindless surveying now would we?

Use and learn her Elemental Spec better for gold farming use…otherwise maybe she should think about an Enhancement spec and set of gear for that task.  Gold…much needed for things to come in the next expansion.  Not easy when you have started over on a new realm, but not impossible either.  Ezdenia can help there….Enchants and new big Bags should help a bit.

Farm when she can for the Time Lost Proto Drake and work on Oracle rep as well.  Between the two she should be able to get a sweet looking dragon to ride around on.

Servers are up!  Time to get to work!

Main and Main Alt?!

It seems no matter what I have tried lately…I end up spending more time on Calizari.  She is now lvl 75 and darn close to hitting 76.  Ezdenia on the other hand is lagging back at lvl 67.

I have spent the past few days on Calizari working on her Mining/Jewelcrafting…otherwise she would be much closer to 80.  She is going to be needing gems very soon and I needed to get her caught up as much as possible before the pre-MoP patch comes out.  At least I will have a bit more time to get them leveled up and professions ready for the patch.

At this point, it looks like I have made a decision even tho I wanted to get them both to Cata content before making that decision.  Somehow I thought it would be more fair I guess.

As of today, it is official…Calizari the Resto Shaman is my new Main and Ezdenia is right behind her and will be the only other toon I play through dungeons and LFR and raids with guildies.  Other than that, Calizari will be putting in as many hours as she can to get her secondary professions leveled up and work on collecting a few pets here and there.  She also has her eye on a cool looking Proto Drake mount in Storm Peaks or Sholazar Basin.  One way or another, she intends on having a Proto Drake mount!

It is strange that for all the time I have been playing this game, I never could get a Shaman past level 20 because I did not like dealing with the Totems.  I guess I got past that!  LOL!

Now I need to get a list together of what needs to be done (in order of importance) so that Calizari is ready for the next patch.  Sigh…that could be longer than I would like.  But while servers are down, it’s a good time to get busy on it.  There is a lot to get done!