Main and Main Alt?!

It seems no matter what I have tried lately…I end up spending more time on Calizari.  She is now lvl 75 and darn close to hitting 76.  Ezdenia on the other hand is lagging back at lvl 67.

I have spent the past few days on Calizari working on her Mining/Jewelcrafting…otherwise she would be much closer to 80.  She is going to be needing gems very soon and I needed to get her caught up as much as possible before the pre-MoP patch comes out.  At least I will have a bit more time to get them leveled up and professions ready for the patch.

At this point, it looks like I have made a decision even tho I wanted to get them both to Cata content before making that decision.  Somehow I thought it would be more fair I guess.

As of today, it is official…Calizari the Resto Shaman is my new Main and Ezdenia is right behind her and will be the only other toon I play through dungeons and LFR and raids with guildies.  Other than that, Calizari will be putting in as many hours as she can to get her secondary professions leveled up and work on collecting a few pets here and there.  She also has her eye on a cool looking Proto Drake mount in Storm Peaks or Sholazar Basin.  One way or another, she intends on having a Proto Drake mount!

It is strange that for all the time I have been playing this game, I never could get a Shaman past level 20 because I did not like dealing with the Totems.  I guess I got past that!  LOL!

Now I need to get a list together of what needs to be done (in order of importance) so that Calizari is ready for the next patch.  Sigh…that could be longer than I would like.  But while servers are down, it’s a good time to get busy on it.  There is a lot to get done!

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