To do list for Calizari

Busy, busy, busy…

But there is a lot to get done!

She needs to get leveled as quick as possible…that is probably going to be the most important thing to get done.

Jewelcrafting/Mining need to be leveled for use of Cata gems and so they are useful right away when MoP launches.  Maybe, just maybe the new JC mounts will catch her eye!  Kind of doubt it tho…she almost drools over the Proto Drakes hanging out in Org!

Cooking, Fishing and First Aid must be leveled up as well….they will be as important as crafting professions.  Archeology will have to fit in there somewhere as well, wouldn’t want to forget the mindless surveying now would we?

Use and learn her Elemental Spec better for gold farming use…otherwise maybe she should think about an Enhancement spec and set of gear for that task.  Gold…much needed for things to come in the next expansion.  Not easy when you have started over on a new realm, but not impossible either.  Ezdenia can help there….Enchants and new big Bags should help a bit.

Farm when she can for the Time Lost Proto Drake and work on Oracle rep as well.  Between the two she should be able to get a sweet looking dragon to ride around on.

Servers are up!  Time to get to work!

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