Doctors appointment yesterday…

Made it to see the new Rheumy for a second visit… he is calling it seronegative Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I was suppose to start on Plaquenil after an eye exam but today my hands are swelling up pretty quickly so he wants me to start it now but still get the eyes checked next week.  If I am not better by Monday, then he will consider giving me Prednisone or something else to help get the swelling down.

At this rate, if the swelling doesn’t stop I will have balloons for hands by Monday.

This really, really aggravates me…I have kept as positive an attitude as possible and tried to focus more on getting Calizari leveled and watching her HPS climb and climb.  And this morning I managed to get within 3% away from hitting 80!  Now I can barely type and this will probably be it for anything on the computer until the swelling goes down or my hands explode…whichever comes first.

Oh so close to 80

So here is Calizari, patiently waiting for me to feel better so that I can get her that little bit farther…so she can start into the Cata content and hopefully be ready for the Pre-MoP patch.  I hit the AH for a few Cata greens to get her started so she isn’t a total wreck doing Cata normals.

Just wait til I tell doc we have to have me fixed up by launch…I can just see the look on his face now.  Pecking out this post with one finger on each hand isn’t exactly productive but you should have seen me trying to farm ore to get to 80 before giving up…not a pretty sight.

i have high hopes for these meds…but I have already been warned that it could take months for me to see any difference.  I am not giving up…this is the only hobby other than reading that I have left.  And I am not about to give it up!  This crap has taken everything else from me…this I will not let go of.


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