82 down…3 to go

Since there isn’t much else I can do until I hear from the doctor again and/or the meds start working on the swelling and everything else that goes with it….I have been spending a couple hours here and there working on getting Calizari through normal Cata randoms.

Calizari getting geared in Normal Cata randoms on her way to 85

I was so frustrated yesterday when she was at 97% of level 80 yesterday and I was just too sore and tired to get that last little bit.  So when I couldn’t sleep last night, I gave it another try and got her to 81 and had lots of nice drops raining down like Christmas for her.  She was a happy healer!

Then today…between randoms and farming obsidian ore she got to 82 before I had to take another break…so she can rest now too.  Rested XP is the best!  Maybe later I will be able to get her into a couple more randoms before bed.  If not, no big deal…I need to get busy on Ezdenia as soon as I am up to it.  She has so much gear to DC in her mailbox…and needs to get her Enchanting leveled up to use it.  So much to do!  Maybe after a nap.

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