Why do you play your Faction?

After reading the Breakfast topic on Wow Insider before going off to have my eyes dilated and checked…I was thinking about it during my eye exam.  What else is there to try to focus on when someone is shining bright lights in your eyes and giving you a headache?

So anyway, after thinking about it I would have to say that I play Horde mostly because my oldest son plays strictly Horde.  That is, when he does actually play.  He doesn’t now and that may be why I find myself staring at the toon creation screen with a Draenei Shaman standing there staring back at me. When he got me started, it was on a BElf Hunter.

For some reason I am drawn to Draenei and don’t know why.  I tried looking at a Dwarf Shaman but it didn’t interest me…not like the Draenei.

I still love my Orc Shaman…but there is something about Draenei that just seems to be tempting me.  I find myself staring at this creation screen about once or twice a month lately and wondering if I should.   If I do, then what server should I create one on?  This is where I usually say the heck with it and get back to work on Calizari or Ezdenia.  But I can’t play just at the moment…I had my eyes dilated during a Plaquenil eye exam and they are still all blurry and the bright light messes with them.  Once it wears off I will be on tho!

Maybe I should play around with a Draenei Shaman…after Calizari is at 85 and Ezdenia of course.  How hard would it be to have 2 Shamans and 2 Disc Priests on 2 different servers?  Four toons would be plenty to keep me busy.  I do have a Draenei DK at 85 with maxxed Mining and Herbing sitting on Terokkar but I have no reason to be on that server.  It is the only Alliance toon I have left, the others I had were faction changed back to Horde months/years ago.  But it is an idea, it would help to level professions and make gold I guess.

Decisions, decisions…I will think about it some more.  I know I will.  It would give me the opportunity to meet more very cool people.

Maybe, just maybe I will level a Draenei Shaman.  Just not until after Calizari and Ezdenia are 85 and are ready for Mists.


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