The road to 90

I was up and logged on at launch.  Ready to go and see the new zones and have some fun in randoms…but I let myself get too rushed.  There is still a lot to do of course.  There are quests in most of the zones to finish up and achieves to get, fishing and cooking to level up and then that boring Archeology to work on too.

I will go a bit slower on the next toon (or two)  that I level.  Not sure how I am going to get myself to slow down to enjoy things more, but I am going to try.

Figures that flying in Pandaria would cost us again.  At least its cheaper this speed increase, but maybe next expac?

Cruising around Vale of Eternal Blossoms

What I have seen of the zones I quested in, I really liked.  Glad to see something different finally.  The changes to Cooking are nice…the specialization part threw me off at first, but its not so bad.

Guess it’s time to get some sleep and rest my shoulder again.  Tomorrow I can fish, cook and maybe farm a little more ore.  You know, more relaxing things than a healer having to dual spec  to dps through quest leveling.   😉   Not sure if I will work on Ele more to improve my dps or if I will stick with healing.   I didn’t keep track of my dps the whole time, so who knows just how bad I am at it.  It will have to wait…I am too pooped to check it tonight…or probably tomorrow either.


Raiding and the 3Ps

Reading a few blog posts out there about bringing folks new to raiding into their groups and the feelings that go along with that.  So I thought I would come out with my first experience raiding back in Wrath.

My oldest son, the one that got me hooked on this game, started a guild on US-Garrosh (Alliance) and wanted to raid again.  So he busted his hump and recruited like crazy and apparently was only lacking one healer.  I was maining a Ret Paladin at the time but was just getting through Heroics to get geared up.  He poked and prodded until I said I would try raiding with him.  Ok…I went Holy and did my best to learn to heal.

I wasn’t ready until a couple weeks before the Plagueworks wing opened up, but in we went for me to get my feet wet.  Many wipes and lots of frustration later, we were waiting for Plagueworks to open up so we could rush in and see how far we could get.  After quite a few wipes and my son going back over strats, we figured out a way that worked for us and we were down to a sliver of health and wiped once more.  I forget how close, I just remember how frustrated he was because we were so close.  So we did bio breaks and went in again…taking deep breaths and giving old ugly the /rude gestures.  We were so close and folks were dying all over…and if it weren’t for the 3Ps that we tried our best to play by…we would not have gotten World First on Festergut!

YES….you read that right.  World First on Festergut…wow, were we all stunned when that popped up!  LOL!  And of course, the first thing my kiddo says is let’s get to Rotface fast!   LOL   That wasn’t as memorable but when we finally downed him, he looked at the times and said we were a close tie to whichever other guild had downed him just seconds before we finally did.

That group of goofballs had another surprise in store for them…my son finally told them that I had only been raiding for almost 3 weeks.  Chat was quiet, but vent was unreal!  Our little 10 man group was proud as hell and grats me on the addiction that is Raiding.

Things went down hill a bit after that.  Real life comes before games and it took a few of our raiding team away to deal with less fun things.  But that World First had gotten the attention of one of the larger, more well known guilds on our server for some reason.  Next thing I knew, I was being told to prep for doing 25man alt runs with said guild.  They needed folks to help fill their alt runs.  Wow…I was just amazed that they came to us and I was offered a spot to go and play with the big boys (so to speak).

Things for the guild never recovered after that and it disbanded and 5 of us faction changed to Horde and server xferred over to Mal’ganis.  It was never the same…but we did have fun for a while.  Then work took up all my time and that was when my health started doing weird things.  I hadn’t even tried to raid again until early in Cata but couldn’t seem to find the right place for my Resto Druid.  So I gave it up until about a year ago.  That was when I noticed problems being able to concentrate, remember mechanics and my reaction time was all messed up.  I made it up to Warmaster Blackhorn in January when I stopped raiding and within a week or so I ended up in the hospital.  Yup, something wasn’t right.

Now,  I have Fibromyalgia, seronegative Rheumatoid Arthritis, IBS and apparently have become (or was before but it wasn’t as bad) lactose intolerant.  And it is all tied together, one disease to the other somehow.  But I want to raid again…I just can’t seem to give up the idea that maybe, just maybe I can raid again.  I am trying to come to terms with not being able to work like I did before or at all, but raiding a couple times a week would give me something to work towards.  It would be nice to have something to look forward to.

Some things I don’t have a choice in,  playing World of Warcraft is one thing I will NOT give up because of some disease that keeps me from being able to reach all my keybinds…I will be getting a Razer Naga as soon as the funds are available.  My son thinks that will give me the extra binds I need to play more like I use to.  For now I will continue using my Thermal Take Saphira gaming mouse and use modifiers or go back to clicking if I must.  Anything to keep playing…

See..I went all goofy here and stumbled off the path I started on.  What I hope everyone gets is that just because someone is new to raiding, does not mean that they will automatically be holding a group back from great things.  Sometimes they bring great things with them…like Patience…Persistence…and Preparedness

Having fun…and not much else

I was up and logged on at launch…and I have been having a blast since!  I jumped right away into randoms and by the end of the second one, Calizari was sportin 6 new pieces of gear!  Woohoo!  Gear is nice…but I was ECSTATIC when I had the Reins of the Green Proto Drake drop out of a Mysterious Egg this time around!

Happiest Shaman around!

I was so excited that I slept about 4 hours before launch and then was up and ready to go a half hour before Mists went live!  Now I may farm for the Time Lost Proto later on, once I am tired of questing and farming randoms…but this is the type of mount I have wanted since I saw one flying around Org back in Wrath.  Yeah, I am a little behind, but I don’t care.  I won’t be hustling to get any of the new MoP mounts…I don’t like them near as much as I do the Proto Drake models.

Other than that, I have been having fun running around the new zones while waiting for queues to pop to heal randoms.  I can’t wait to hit 90 tho….so I can fly in Pandaria!   So much to see…so many scenic screenshots to take!

Having fun and hoping everyone else is having as much fun as I am,


One week left and all I have left to do is…

…get Ezdenia leveled to 85 and have her professions at max.  She has 4 levels til 85.  Her Tailoring is finally up to Embersilk thanks to all the cloth Calizari sent during her leveling and grinding of Heroics.  Other than that, I think that is all I have left to do.  Oh and get them both their Epic flying speeds.  Not sure if I will wait until after Mists for that or if I will do it this week or not.  If I remember right, we won’t be able to fly in the new zones anyway…so it isn’t like  I will be missing out.

Which reminds me, I hate leveling Tailoring through Frostweave!  It takes forever!  I swear I could hear her grumbling under her breath.  She just needs to get maxxed asap so she can make the Illusionary Bags and she and Calizari will be happy for a little while.

Calizari has been doing her JC and Cooking dailies, with a Fishing daily thrown in there every so often.  So she finally hit Revered with her guild.  Woot!  She really needs to hit the random grind again for a few days tho.   The extra gold, cloth and disenchantables that she can send to Ezdenia will come in handy.  She won’t be doing it for nothing….she is expecting to get some nice big bags out of it!

I have been reading as much as I can on the WoW forums…US and EU, because there is so much good info on both.  And, because I  never go by just one opinion.  I formed my own opinion early on but have waited to see what the well known Resto Shaman bloggers theorycrafting came up with.  I was relieved to see that I was on the right path.  Now to wait and see if any numbers change when Mists goes live.

I changed my UI back to ElvUI…and ended up muting the Bugsack addon…hearing ‘Fatality’ every 5 seconds had me wanting to toss the whole mess and start over!  Muting is a good thing.  😉

After doing two of the Theramore Scenario’s…I am not impressed.   And definitely not impressed that it is just one more grind that I would have to do for a piece of gear I need/want.  Then I tortured myself even more and ran one last LFR and got NADA again…200 gold…not worth the time really.  I can make more in less time elsewhere.  And this time I even tried to stay in the middle of the healing meters in hopes that being lower would help me get something…even one little piece, but no such luck.

Only thing I saw today…

I hope the next LFR I do is better than this…maybe I need some Feng Shui going on in-game or something.  Either way, new content is looking better and better every day.

I am still working on the Mysterious Eggs from the Oracles…Tickbird Hatchlings are piling up in my bank.  I did get the Proto Drake Whelp today, so at least I got something out of the day.  I started Ezdenia on the rep grind as well…she is half way through Honored and will start her grind of Mysterious Eggs this week.  With two working on it I will have a better chance right?   Well, if one of them were to get it, it would probably be Ezdenia anway…she has much better luck when it comes to rolls and gears drops, and just about everything else.

And soemthing I have been thinking about doing…Twitter. Not the tweeting so much as the following of others. So maybe it’s time I get a Twitter account and start following Wow news that way.  I know, I am late on the technology thing, but better late than never right?  Its just that I have a couple people I would like to follow better going into Mists.  Which means I won’t go to sleep tonight until I get that all figured out.  I better get on it now,  I have an MRI first thing in the morning to do.  If I put it off until before I leave for that, I won’t get it done.

Cleaning up my account and other things

I finally did it…I went through every server I had toons on, which wasn’t many, and deleted any I knew I would never touch again.  I didn’t delete any 85s, just toons below 80 that I would likely never play again.  That felt good!  I even found an old Shaman on another server that was leveled as Enhancement!  She is collecting dust but maybe I will dust her off late in the next expansion.  It didn’t feel strange or anything, deleting toons…probably because I hadn’t been on any of them in a year or more.

Ezdenia @76

I think a Draenei Shaman has me curious because I have been Horde for so long.  And after 4 years I guess I am ready to try the other side and see what its like.  But not just yet.
After being on Prednisone for a week and a half, today I feel like crap again.  It has made me slow down and realize that this is not going to be a quick recovery.  And I need to not over do it.  Easy to say, hard to do.

So what else can I do to keep busy?  I have been pondering that for a few days…and I think that its time to put a more serious effort into my blog.  That alone should use up quite a bit of time.  With MoP coming up, I could stream a day of randoms or just Fraps a few things to see how I like it.                                                                                                                                  I am not really good at trying to tell folks how to play or help with their healing, there are plenty of other sites that do that without literally holding ones hand…but videos might be an idea.  I just don’t know if I want to do all the editing that many do on theirs.  Streaming is an idea…but I don’t want to go all out on that either.  So maybe a little of both?…and see how it goes?   Also posting on regular intervals is much needed, although much of that depends on how I feel from day to day.

With just two weeks until MoP drops, that gives me a decent amount of time to get things planned out a little, while getting more done on Ezdenia and Trivenna in that time.  Ezdenia is level 76 today and I set up the UI for Trivenna last night before bed.  So now its a matter of nose to the grindstone and I will have these three gals ready to do what is needed of them in the new expansion.  If I level a Panda-something, it won’t be for quite a while.

So…I need to get Ezdenia that last 9 levels and have her Enchanting/Tailoring maxed out and then get busy on Trivenna…and have it all done by the night before launch…hopefully.  Oh, and do the Theramore event on Calizari.  Am I trying to do too much?  I don’t know…probably.  Leveling is so easy now, even without Heirlooms.  I just want to stay busy and be as close as possible to having the professions I need ready to help Calizari not have to buy gems, flasks, bags or Enchants and at the same time be able to sell extras on the AH and save up a pile of gold. If I get it done before launch…then maybe I can take a day or two off and finish reading First King of Shannara by Terry Brooks.  I really love the Shannara series.  And getting away from the computer for a couple days would probably be a good thing.  Now if I could actually do it.

Getting things done…with less brain fog

I am better now that the Prednisone is working…the morning after starting it, I woke up to MUCH less pain than I had the night before which shocked me and made me jump up out of bed.  When I put both feet on the floor and realized that I didn’t have rocks in my feet I was ecstatic!  What an improvement!  I am trying not to get my hopes up, but not being in so much pain everyday is a start.

So now I am trying not to over do it because I have some of my energy back, and the swelling in hands and feet has started going down but hasn’t gone down as much as I had hoped by now…not sure if it has something to do with the dosage or not.  I guess I will see in a couple days what doc has to say about it.

Ready for MoP!

I have managed to get Calizari’s Jewelcrafting, Mining, Fishing and Cooking maxed out and ready for Mists.  I really like playing Shaman…maybe it just took me a while to overcome the whole totems management thing, but I love the insta Ghost Wolf and who wouldn’t love peeling yourself off the floor when it’s needed once in a while?  I will take that over a Battle Rez any day.  And I have always thought that Shaman had the most awesome looking gear in the game.

Now to wait around for the xpac. Three weeks to go!  In the mean time I have to get Ezdenia leveled up and get her professions maxxed.  After that, I have no idea what to do til Mists.  During the day I am often the only one on in my guild.  And things are going to be getting a little busier for me during the evenings now that the school year has started again.  So I am going to look for a second server for daytime playing.  Since the Draenei curiosity has to be dealt with,  a new shaman will obviously be Alliance.

Since being on the Prednisone and feeling better other than a couple side effects, I took a look at the toons I have created and not leveled and have been wondering what to do with them.

Now, I really like my Shaman and would like to be at my best by the time Raids open up in Mists.  Checking out a few of the High pop servers to see what I can find and then get busy leveling a Shaman there as well.  I have three weeks ya know!  Not much else for me to do other than sit and wait for eggs to hatch out a Green Proto…like I would get that lucky.

Servers are back up after the restart, so off I go again.