The road to 90

I was up and logged on at launch.  Ready to go and see the new zones and have some fun in randoms…but I let myself get too rushed.  There is still a lot to do of course.  There are quests in most of the zones to finish up and achieves to get, fishing and cooking to level up and then that boring Archeology to work on too.

I will go a bit slower on the next toon (or two)  that I level.  Not sure how I am going to get myself to slow down to enjoy things more, but I am going to try.

Figures that flying in Pandaria would cost us again.  At least its cheaper this speed increase, but maybe next expac?

Cruising around Vale of Eternal Blossoms

What I have seen of the zones I quested in, I really liked.  Glad to see something different finally.  The changes to Cooking are nice…the specialization part threw me off at first, but its not so bad.

Guess it’s time to get some sleep and rest my shoulder again.  Tomorrow I can fish, cook and maybe farm a little more ore.  You know, more relaxing things than a healer having to dual spec  to dps through quest leveling.   😉   Not sure if I will work on Ele more to improve my dps or if I will stick with healing.   I didn’t keep track of my dps the whole time, so who knows just how bad I am at it.  It will have to wait…I am too pooped to check it tonight…or probably tomorrow either.


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