What to do on Tuesdays…

Trying a little Transmog

Calizari finally got her feet wet in Transmog yesterday.  Only two pieces tho…Head and Shoulders…I like the shoulder animation.   I keep looking at the Tier 14 pieces and just can’t get excited about having any of it drop other than for upgrade purposes.  Stats…purely stats.  It wasn’t as expensive as I thought it would be to transmog so this is something I could get more into later.  She will need a matching set eventually…and that will require some research.

Not a busy week, but not boring either.  She went into a guild run of as many folks as we could get to do 10man Dragon Soul.  One of our Rogues changed his main for MoP and is trying to get his daggers and other achieves so I decided to help out.  Only 2 bosses left but a few needed to go early…so hopefully we can run it again tonight and have enough people on long enough to finish it up all at once for this week.

Server maintenance… extended server maintenance…gives me more time to watch more videos recorded from live streams.  Woohoo!  I watch primarily Resto Shaman streams/vids when I can find good ones.  There are getting to be some that you have to pay a subscription just to watch their stream….no thanks!  I pay enough just to play…there are plenty of other good streams that are free to watch that I can learn from.

What else to do during server downtime?  Look at UI compilations over at UI Interface!  I recently tried out this one http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info16804-ShadowmagesUI1920x1080Wide.html and like it so far.  The only problem I am having is reading the text…it’s a bit too small for me on 1920X1080 resolution…have not tried to go down a step with it yet tho.   And I found another that I am going to give a shot today.  Also on Wowinterface of course…http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info21811-DargansElvUI.html  I made a second copy of  WoW on my second hard drive to try it out.  If it runs smoother and is easier to see and read…I may try it out for a week or so.  Gives me something to do I guess…that and read up on Heart of Fear mechanics.


Dailies…and more dailies

Dailies didn’t start out to be so bad.  I mean, they result in multiple things needed in game…namely Reputation, Valor Points, Gold and Motes of Harmony.  So all in all, doing them isn’t a total waste of time.  It may not be the fun thing that I would like to be doing, but it has its purpose.  So I keep trudging on.  What else is there to do?  Farming ore to prospect, fish for a couple hours…Oh,  level alts…which I ended up doing.  When dailies get on my nerves or I think too much about having to farm Heroics for Valor once I have rep to Revered or Exalted with the factions…I jump over on my Draenei Resto Shaman and quest or run a few normal randoms.  Something a little more mellow I guess is what I need once in a while. Less people crowded over quest givers…less traffic in the quest areas.  She leveled so fast with Heirlooms it was ridiculous…so much so that she was broke (after flying training) once she hit 85 and had to take up fishing to put gold in her bags.

So this is what I work on when I get tired of rep dailies……..

Seeing the Alliance side of things! 🙂

I guess my curiosity got the best of me…I started a Dreanei Resto Shaman and she is just the cutest thing.  With the help of guild perks and BoAs…she is almost halfway through level 86 now.  I can’t make up my mind what professions she should have yet…something that will help her actually make some decent gold I hope.  And if she is going to catch up gear wise with guildies, then she should probably do Leatherworking for sure.  But I would like to do Jewelcrafting on her as well so she can supply herself with gems when she needs them.  Although the way the market has been this xpac, they aren’t all that expensive this time around.  But that could change when they finally get around to putting in Epic gems.   <shrugs>

I have been busy on Calizari too…can’t neglect her!  She has had some strange luck in LFR tho.  In the 4 weeks I have put her through LFR she has gotten these drops: Shoulders of Empyreal Focus…not once, not twice but three times, Feng’s Ring of Dreams, Cape of Three Lanterns and Leggings of Imprisoned Will.  Not too shabby.  But 3 weeks of the same exact piece dropping off the same boss?  Geesh!  She has picked up 3 Valor pieces as of tonight.  I really need to get her into a Sha of Anger….soon.  And I giving serious thought to dropping Mining to pick up Leather working this weekend also….once I have farmed enough ore so I won’t run out of gems any time soon.  I could level an alt just for Mining and Skinning…it would never touch a daily quest, which is a plus.  Heirlooms make it so much faster and easier too.  If I bought the Heirloom pants it would be even faster!  😉

Then there is Ezdenia…she wasn’t forgotten.  I worked to get her to 90 this past week too!  She does have Tailoring and Enchanting after all…so she needs to work on some of the rep stuff asap…getting the new bag recipe is top priority!

Ezdenia as Shadow for dailies

Not too bad for a cranky, arthritic Grandma with nothing else to do between doctors appointments huh?  Hope you are all having fun as much as I have been.  Who knows what I can get done by this time next week.