About HealzwithFibro

I started playing World of Warcraft in July 2008. I have enjoyed Raiding and PvP.  But things change…

After being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia March 2012, I wasn’t getting better after the first Rheumatologist shoved prescriptions at me and told me to come back in 3 months.  So I found a competent Rheumatologist and was recently (the first week of Aug. 2012) diagnosed with seronegative Rheumatoid Arthritis…and wondering if the pain and swelling will ever go away…and if the medications for it will be worse than the disease itself.  And somewhere in between all that going on…I will be having surgery to have my uterus and all the fibroid tumors it is housing, out.  Surgery is finally scheduled for Nov 8th…Woot!  I should be healing up nicely and feeling much better for Thanksgiving!

I started the blog a little prematurely and called it HealzwithFibro…but having RA now and also being tested for MS and neuropathy in my feet has me wondering where to go from here.  Having just Fibro would be…well, nice.   But it’s not looking like I will be that lucky.

I have bad days and really bad days, but most are tolerable with meds.  Same shit different day mostly.  I get through the boredom playing World of Warcraft….when my hands let me.  As long as I am able…even if all I can do is Fish or farm ore on bad days, it helps to get through the headaches, pain or anger/anxiety of this crap.

Other than that, I am just a gal in my mid to late 40s with 3 kids (26daughter, 24son, and 15son) and 2 granddaughters (5y and 1y)….and a great husband all living in Colorado.  I just happen to play World of Warcraft and enjoy reading.

I have chosen a new Main…a cool but cranky Orc Resto Shaman named Calizari.  She is a healer through and through and even though I sometimes can’t keep her up to her true potential, I do the very best I can.  If I am able, I will be healing in 10mans through MoP and having as much fun as I can.  If not, then LFR and maybe a bit of PvP will have to keep me entertained.

There are so many people like myself who play WoW to get through the day to day pain and boredom.  It is all I have left to do that makes the day go by quicker.   I will NOT give it up.  If I give up WoW, what will I have to give up next?

On to the fun!



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