How things catch us unaware…

I have been getting steadily worse since I started this blog.  I have tried and tried to keep playing…doing heroics and LFR in hopes that I could Raid again.  But this last bit of news I got last week, along with me feeling very crummy and weak, has left me wondering how or if I will continue to play World of Warcraft.

A week ago today, I received the results of a fine needle biopsy done on a thyroid nodule my neurologist found accidentally during an MRI of my neck while looking for evidence that my RA had spread to my spine.  I was told I had thyroid cancer.  It was a shock to both of us, but my neurologist was quick to look up the specifics of the type diagnosed…papillary carcinoma-cystic type and reassured me that it has one of the highest recovery rates of any other cancer.  Then in the next breathe, he was on the phone to my Rheumatologist to relay the news and get them going on a referral to a surgeon and/or endocrinologist.

I am scheduled for surgery on Jan. 16th and see the Endocrinologist on Jan. 7th.  Not sure for what, but she wants to see me before my surgery.

The surgeon said this type of cancer is a slow growing type and that I have probably had it for at least 2 years.  It is definitely why I am feeling so terrible and why my RA meds don’t seem to be doing enough for me lately.  It seems to have sent my RA into overdrive for some reason.  Lucky me.

So now, after spending the last day and a half in bed feeling miserable, I have wondered what to do with my blog.  I guess as far as giving up WoW, that won’t happen…my family thinks I should play when I am able and have as much fun as I can.  God knows that some days I can’t think fast enough for LFR…found that out the hard way was called everything under the sun the other day.  So I won’t be doing that again.

Now to figure out what I can do…

Maybe this would be a good time to farm ore and build up some gold?  Or maybe fishing?  Dailies of course…as long as I keep it solo.  At least it would pass the time and keep me busy with something other than doctors and all this tossing back and forth in my head.

There are many people who play WoW with similar health issues and for the same reasons.  To be able to get away without leaving home, to relax and have fun and socialize with friends can make all the difference some days.  Some days it is ALL there is that keeps us going.  I just need to keep the group activities to a minimum unless I am confident that I can hold my own..i.e. having a good day.

And on good days…let me tell you…I am going to run LFR if I can with WoL running from now on!  My last LFR run on Calizari was a really good run.  But I was shocked to see her topping meters at 72K+…on trash.  It was EVERY trash group in the room, since someone goofed and pulled a bit too much, but it was fun!  My overhealing done was 31.5%…which was much lower than 4 of the other healers that group.  If I would have been logging that and could have uploaded it, maybe I could have seen what it was I did right.  For the most part, I didn’t have to think about anything during that pull.  It was nice.  But that changed the following day…I was shaky and not feeling well and should not have even tried LFR…I barely did 25K healing  with 47% of it being overhealing and couldn’t move fast enough on fight mechanics.  Huge difference…so I will stick to doing LFR or Heroics only when I am feeling pretty good.


How I wish I had been running WoL!

At least I managed to get Calliophea caught up to Calizari gear-wise.  I really love playing my resto shaman gals.  Lots of fun!

Merry Christmas to all…and may you and yours have a great New Year!


The road to 90

I was up and logged on at launch.  Ready to go and see the new zones and have some fun in randoms…but I let myself get too rushed.  There is still a lot to do of course.  There are quests in most of the zones to finish up and achieves to get, fishing and cooking to level up and then that boring Archeology to work on too.

I will go a bit slower on the next toon (or two)  that I level.  Not sure how I am going to get myself to slow down to enjoy things more, but I am going to try.

Figures that flying in Pandaria would cost us again.  At least its cheaper this speed increase, but maybe next expac?

Cruising around Vale of Eternal Blossoms

What I have seen of the zones I quested in, I really liked.  Glad to see something different finally.  The changes to Cooking are nice…the specialization part threw me off at first, but its not so bad.

Guess it’s time to get some sleep and rest my shoulder again.  Tomorrow I can fish, cook and maybe farm a little more ore.  You know, more relaxing things than a healer having to dual spec  to dps through quest leveling.   😉   Not sure if I will work on Ele more to improve my dps or if I will stick with healing.   I didn’t keep track of my dps the whole time, so who knows just how bad I am at it.  It will have to wait…I am too pooped to check it tonight…or probably tomorrow either.

Cleaning up my account and other things

I finally did it…I went through every server I had toons on, which wasn’t many, and deleted any I knew I would never touch again.  I didn’t delete any 85s, just toons below 80 that I would likely never play again.  That felt good!  I even found an old Shaman on another server that was leveled as Enhancement!  She is collecting dust but maybe I will dust her off late in the next expansion.  It didn’t feel strange or anything, deleting toons…probably because I hadn’t been on any of them in a year or more.

Ezdenia @76

I think a Draenei Shaman has me curious because I have been Horde for so long.  And after 4 years I guess I am ready to try the other side and see what its like.  But not just yet.
After being on Prednisone for a week and a half, today I feel like crap again.  It has made me slow down and realize that this is not going to be a quick recovery.  And I need to not over do it.  Easy to say, hard to do.

So what else can I do to keep busy?  I have been pondering that for a few days…and I think that its time to put a more serious effort into my blog.  That alone should use up quite a bit of time.  With MoP coming up, I could stream a day of randoms or just Fraps a few things to see how I like it.                                                                                                                                  I am not really good at trying to tell folks how to play or help with their healing, there are plenty of other sites that do that without literally holding ones hand…but videos might be an idea.  I just don’t know if I want to do all the editing that many do on theirs.  Streaming is an idea…but I don’t want to go all out on that either.  So maybe a little of both?…and see how it goes?   Also posting on regular intervals is much needed, although much of that depends on how I feel from day to day.

With just two weeks until MoP drops, that gives me a decent amount of time to get things planned out a little, while getting more done on Ezdenia and Trivenna in that time.  Ezdenia is level 76 today and I set up the UI for Trivenna last night before bed.  So now its a matter of nose to the grindstone and I will have these three gals ready to do what is needed of them in the new expansion.  If I level a Panda-something, it won’t be for quite a while.

So…I need to get Ezdenia that last 9 levels and have her Enchanting/Tailoring maxed out and then get busy on Trivenna…and have it all done by the night before launch…hopefully.  Oh, and do the Theramore event on Calizari.  Am I trying to do too much?  I don’t know…probably.  Leveling is so easy now, even without Heirlooms.  I just want to stay busy and be as close as possible to having the professions I need ready to help Calizari not have to buy gems, flasks, bags or Enchants and at the same time be able to sell extras on the AH and save up a pile of gold. If I get it done before launch…then maybe I can take a day or two off and finish reading First King of Shannara by Terry Brooks.  I really love the Shannara series.  And getting away from the computer for a couple days would probably be a good thing.  Now if I could actually do it.

Getting things done…with less brain fog

I am better now that the Prednisone is working…the morning after starting it, I woke up to MUCH less pain than I had the night before which shocked me and made me jump up out of bed.  When I put both feet on the floor and realized that I didn’t have rocks in my feet I was ecstatic!  What an improvement!  I am trying not to get my hopes up, but not being in so much pain everyday is a start.

So now I am trying not to over do it because I have some of my energy back, and the swelling in hands and feet has started going down but hasn’t gone down as much as I had hoped by now…not sure if it has something to do with the dosage or not.  I guess I will see in a couple days what doc has to say about it.

Ready for MoP!

I have managed to get Calizari’s Jewelcrafting, Mining, Fishing and Cooking maxed out and ready for Mists.  I really like playing Shaman…maybe it just took me a while to overcome the whole totems management thing, but I love the insta Ghost Wolf and who wouldn’t love peeling yourself off the floor when it’s needed once in a while?  I will take that over a Battle Rez any day.  And I have always thought that Shaman had the most awesome looking gear in the game.

Now to wait around for the xpac. Three weeks to go!  In the mean time I have to get Ezdenia leveled up and get her professions maxxed.  After that, I have no idea what to do til Mists.  During the day I am often the only one on in my guild.  And things are going to be getting a little busier for me during the evenings now that the school year has started again.  So I am going to look for a second server for daytime playing.  Since the Draenei curiosity has to be dealt with,  a new shaman will obviously be Alliance.

Since being on the Prednisone and feeling better other than a couple side effects, I took a look at the toons I have created and not leveled and have been wondering what to do with them.

Now, I really like my Shaman and would like to be at my best by the time Raids open up in Mists.  Checking out a few of the High pop servers to see what I can find and then get busy leveling a Shaman there as well.  I have three weeks ya know!  Not much else for me to do other than sit and wait for eggs to hatch out a Green Proto…like I would get that lucky.

Servers are back up after the restart, so off I go again.

Ding-aling-aling 85!

LOL!  I sure was happy when that achievement came up!

Calizari after hitting 85 and spending JP

Finally made it!  She was able to grab a new Relic and Chest piece right away, but still needs lots of gear….so back she goes, this time into Heroics…better gear and Valor Points!  Oh and I need to get crackin on PvP gear too…so I have my work cut out for me!  Lots of fun tho!  Somehow I have to fit in getting Ezdenia leveled up too….

I managed to fit in Oracle rep up to Honored so that she can start working on hatching those Mysterious Eggs every three days.  Some where in all this I need to get JC and Mining at max so they are ready.  They are both close but yet so far.   And then there is Fishing and Cooking….and IF I have the patience I may work on Archeology some more.  Hopefully.

Definitely feeling the pressure to get ready for MoP…fun, fun, fun!

82 down…3 to go

Since there isn’t much else I can do until I hear from the doctor again and/or the meds start working on the swelling and everything else that goes with it….I have been spending a couple hours here and there working on getting Calizari through normal Cata randoms.

Calizari getting geared in Normal Cata randoms on her way to 85

I was so frustrated yesterday when she was at 97% of level 80 yesterday and I was just too sore and tired to get that last little bit.  So when I couldn’t sleep last night, I gave it another try and got her to 81 and had lots of nice drops raining down like Christmas for her.  She was a happy healer!

Then today…between randoms and farming obsidian ore she got to 82 before I had to take another break…so she can rest now too.  Rested XP is the best!  Maybe later I will be able to get her into a couple more randoms before bed.  If not, no big deal…I need to get busy on Ezdenia as soon as I am up to it.  She has so much gear to DC in her mailbox…and needs to get her Enchanting leveled up to use it.  So much to do!  Maybe after a nap.

Doctors appointment yesterday…

Made it to see the new Rheumy for a second visit… he is calling it seronegative Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I was suppose to start on Plaquenil after an eye exam but today my hands are swelling up pretty quickly so he wants me to start it now but still get the eyes checked next week.  If I am not better by Monday, then he will consider giving me Prednisone or something else to help get the swelling down.

At this rate, if the swelling doesn’t stop I will have balloons for hands by Monday.

This really, really aggravates me…I have kept as positive an attitude as possible and tried to focus more on getting Calizari leveled and watching her HPS climb and climb.  And this morning I managed to get within 3% away from hitting 80!  Now I can barely type and this will probably be it for anything on the computer until the swelling goes down or my hands explode…whichever comes first.

Oh so close to 80

So here is Calizari, patiently waiting for me to feel better so that I can get her that little bit farther…so she can start into the Cata content and hopefully be ready for the Pre-MoP patch.  I hit the AH for a few Cata greens to get her started so she isn’t a total wreck doing Cata normals.

Just wait til I tell doc we have to have me fixed up by launch…I can just see the look on his face now.  Pecking out this post with one finger on each hand isn’t exactly productive but you should have seen me trying to farm ore to get to 80 before giving up…not a pretty sight.

i have high hopes for these meds…but I have already been warned that it could take months for me to see any difference.  I am not giving up…this is the only hobby other than reading that I have left.  And I am not about to give it up!  This crap has taken everything else from me…this I will not let go of.