One week left and all I have left to do is…

…get Ezdenia leveled to 85 and have her professions at max.  She has 4 levels til 85.  Her Tailoring is finally up to Embersilk thanks to all the cloth Calizari sent during her leveling and grinding of Heroics.  Other than that, I think that is all I have left to do.  Oh and get them both their Epic flying speeds.  Not sure if I will wait until after Mists for that or if I will do it this week or not.  If I remember right, we won’t be able to fly in the new zones anyway…so it isn’t like  I will be missing out.

Which reminds me, I hate leveling Tailoring through Frostweave!  It takes forever!  I swear I could hear her grumbling under her breath.  She just needs to get maxxed asap so she can make the Illusionary Bags and she and Calizari will be happy for a little while.

Calizari has been doing her JC and Cooking dailies, with a Fishing daily thrown in there every so often.  So she finally hit Revered with her guild.  Woot!  She really needs to hit the random grind again for a few days tho.   The extra gold, cloth and disenchantables that she can send to Ezdenia will come in handy.  She won’t be doing it for nothing….she is expecting to get some nice big bags out of it!

I have been reading as much as I can on the WoW forums…US and EU, because there is so much good info on both.  And, because I  never go by just one opinion.  I formed my own opinion early on but have waited to see what the well known Resto Shaman bloggers theorycrafting came up with.  I was relieved to see that I was on the right path.  Now to wait and see if any numbers change when Mists goes live.

I changed my UI back to ElvUI…and ended up muting the Bugsack addon…hearing ‘Fatality’ every 5 seconds had me wanting to toss the whole mess and start over!  Muting is a good thing.  😉

After doing two of the Theramore Scenario’s…I am not impressed.   And definitely not impressed that it is just one more grind that I would have to do for a piece of gear I need/want.  Then I tortured myself even more and ran one last LFR and got NADA again…200 gold…not worth the time really.  I can make more in less time elsewhere.  And this time I even tried to stay in the middle of the healing meters in hopes that being lower would help me get something…even one little piece, but no such luck.

Only thing I saw today…

I hope the next LFR I do is better than this…maybe I need some Feng Shui going on in-game or something.  Either way, new content is looking better and better every day.

I am still working on the Mysterious Eggs from the Oracles…Tickbird Hatchlings are piling up in my bank.  I did get the Proto Drake Whelp today, so at least I got something out of the day.  I started Ezdenia on the rep grind as well…she is half way through Honored and will start her grind of Mysterious Eggs this week.  With two working on it I will have a better chance right?   Well, if one of them were to get it, it would probably be Ezdenia anway…she has much better luck when it comes to rolls and gears drops, and just about everything else.

And soemthing I have been thinking about doing…Twitter. Not the tweeting so much as the following of others. So maybe it’s time I get a Twitter account and start following Wow news that way.  I know, I am late on the technology thing, but better late than never right?  Its just that I have a couple people I would like to follow better going into Mists.  Which means I won’t go to sleep tonight until I get that all figured out.  I better get on it now,  I have an MRI first thing in the morning to do.  If I put it off until before I leave for that, I won’t get it done.


Ding-aling-aling 85!

LOL!  I sure was happy when that achievement came up!

Calizari after hitting 85 and spending JP

Finally made it!  She was able to grab a new Relic and Chest piece right away, but still needs lots of gear….so back she goes, this time into Heroics…better gear and Valor Points!  Oh and I need to get crackin on PvP gear too…so I have my work cut out for me!  Lots of fun tho!  Somehow I have to fit in getting Ezdenia leveled up too….

I managed to fit in Oracle rep up to Honored so that she can start working on hatching those Mysterious Eggs every three days.  Some where in all this I need to get JC and Mining at max so they are ready.  They are both close but yet so far.   And then there is Fishing and Cooking….and IF I have the patience I may work on Archeology some more.  Hopefully.

Definitely feeling the pressure to get ready for MoP…fun, fun, fun!

Priorities pre-MoP

I am hoping that Blizz drops the patch soon enough but not too soon.  That way I can get Calizari and Ezdenia to 80+ by the time it hits.  I think that way I can make a better decision as to which one I like playing best, being as I will know how they are going to feel healing come MoP.  I would hate to get them both to 85 and then have to relearn everything all over again and end up changing my mind.  Not good.  But I am working on getting them both to 80 asap.

Then I need to get Shortbookie leveled up too.  She has Inscription/Herbalism and will be able to make decent gold selling Head and Shoulder Enchants not to mention supplying Cali and/or Ezzy.

If I have time, I would like to get Trivenna leveled up also.  Just in case she is needed for guild runs.  That and I would like to get Blacksmithing/Mining leveled up on her.  Another way to make some gold and not have to spend it for my own needs.

If I am really, really lucky I would like to start on a second Shaman or Priest.  Depending on which I choose as my Main, that way I can still keep learning more about the class but have another toon for professions and bank space.  Just the idea of doing this could be another whole post?  Hmmm.

Mists of Pandaria anticipation

I ordered my Digital Standard edition this morning before leaving for an appointment.  So I am ready to go.  I think.

I have to get Calizari and Ezdenia leveled up and make my final choice on a new Main.  Professions also need to be leveled up as they will help make gold and lessen my gold output to gem, enchant, flask these two gals as well.  All I need is to get Shortbookie leveled for her Inscription benefits and I should be ok.  Starting over on a new server is never easy and road blocks don’t help either but I am getting there.

I am going to plow ahead on Calizari first this time since I jumped to 60 first on Ezdenia…hopefully I will see a difference in which one I prefer to play the most.  So far if there is any difference, it isn’t enough that it’s obvious yet.  So until I am sure, I don’t want to chose yet.

Trying new UIs

Last night my previous addon, AffinityUI, started giving me grief.  It changed me to the DPS option when I zoned in after a wipe during a dungeon.  So I tried to get that fixed and when nothing worked and it looked like I was going to have to reinstall, I chose to try a new UI instead.  I think its time to start trying out some of the UIs on WowInterface until I find the right one for Ezdenia and Calizari.

My computer setup for now:

For video, I run a single ATI Radeon HD 5670 with 1Gb of memory running two 22″ Widescreen monitors (one being a loner from my oldest son).  He got me hooked on being able to play WoW on one monitor while having Raid strats open on the other…it has come in handy!

So now I have MayronUI Gen2 installed and running at 1920X1080 resolution. This UI package runs Grid instead of Vuhdo, so I will give Grid a shot again and see if I can get use to it or not.  It seems to be able to work from the get-go without having to change any settings.  The only thing I did was download Clique, since I have never learned to heal using mouseover macros.

I do like it so far but after my first dungeon run I am getting a lot of video lag.  Not exactly sure what is causing it, but there are quite a few addons in it that are out of date.  I would be happier if I could get the video lag reduced a bit.  I changed the settings on my desktop theme and will see if that happened to be what was causing my video lag in dungeons. I like the UI, so I hope it will be an easy fix.


Guess I’m off to see if I can find the source of video lag…and maybe get a level or two before calling it a night.

The summer doldrums

I finally broke down and put Ezdenia to work at Tailoring and Enchanting.  She had her small bank stuffed full of cloth that she, Trivenna and Calizari had collected while dungeoning.

It is giving her something to do while waiting for her dungeon queue to pop.  It’s better than pacing back and forth in Org muttering to oneself.

I am also checking out different UI setups from WoWInterface.  Last night my previous UI (AffinityUI) started giving me some grief.  So instead of reinstalling it after failing to get it back to its original healer settings, I decided to try a new UI.

It’s summer and I am ready to try something new to keep from boring myself to death before the next expansion comes out.

Regardless of my UI, I am still having fun leveling Ezdenia and Calizari!  And now that there are getting to be quite a few more new spells for Ezdenia to learn, I am trying to get  my UI just right so she can keep track of it all better.

Have a favorite UI to recommend?  I have plenty of time this summer to try out more!

It’s down to two of the three now…

Getting left behind…but not deleted.

I logged on this evening to get a level or two on Trivenna and I ended up just staring at her on the character screen.  I must have sat their just looking at her for 15 minutes before I finally zoned in.  It didn’t get any better either.  I buffed up and then just sat there looking at her standing in the Inn in Org and it hit me.

I finally realized what it was that I just wasn’t liking about Trivenna.  I don’t know why I didn’t realize it sooner, but I just don’t like her as a Blood Elf.  I am not sure why, I just don’t like her as a Blood Elf all that much.  I will probably finish leveling her later on and get a couple professions leveled on her.

So it’s pretty much between Ezdenia and Calizari now. So for the rest of today I stay away from anything WoW related and just relax.  Maybe do some more reading.

Tomorrow is a new day…