Raiding and the 3Ps

Reading a few blog posts out there about bringing folks new to raiding into their groups and the feelings that go along with that.  So I thought I would come out with my first experience raiding back in Wrath.

My oldest son, the one that got me hooked on this game, started a guild on US-Garrosh (Alliance) and wanted to raid again.  So he busted his hump and recruited like crazy and apparently was only lacking one healer.  I was maining a Ret Paladin at the time but was just getting through Heroics to get geared up.  He poked and prodded until I said I would try raiding with him.  Ok…I went Holy and did my best to learn to heal.

I wasn’t ready until a couple weeks before the Plagueworks wing opened up, but in we went for me to get my feet wet.  Many wipes and lots of frustration later, we were waiting for Plagueworks to open up so we could rush in and see how far we could get.  After quite a few wipes and my son going back over strats, we figured out a way that worked for us and we were down to a sliver of health and wiped once more.  I forget how close, I just remember how frustrated he was because we were so close.  So we did bio breaks and went in again…taking deep breaths and giving old ugly the /rude gestures.  We were so close and folks were dying all over…and if it weren’t for the 3Ps that we tried our best to play by…we would not have gotten World First on Festergut!

YES….you read that right.  World First on Festergut…wow, were we all stunned when that popped up!  LOL!  And of course, the first thing my kiddo says is let’s get to Rotface fast!   LOL   That wasn’t as memorable but when we finally downed him, he looked at the times and said we were a close tie to whichever other guild had downed him just seconds before we finally did.

That group of goofballs had another surprise in store for them…my son finally told them that I had only been raiding for almost 3 weeks.  Chat was quiet, but vent was unreal!  Our little 10 man group was proud as hell and grats me on the addiction that is Raiding.

Things went down hill a bit after that.  Real life comes before games and it took a few of our raiding team away to deal with less fun things.  But that World First had gotten the attention of one of the larger, more well known guilds on our server for some reason.  Next thing I knew, I was being told to prep for doing 25man alt runs with said guild.  They needed folks to help fill their alt runs.  Wow…I was just amazed that they came to us and I was offered a spot to go and play with the big boys (so to speak).

Things for the guild never recovered after that and it disbanded and 5 of us faction changed to Horde and server xferred over to Mal’ganis.  It was never the same…but we did have fun for a while.  Then work took up all my time and that was when my health started doing weird things.  I hadn’t even tried to raid again until early in Cata but couldn’t seem to find the right place for my Resto Druid.  So I gave it up until about a year ago.  That was when I noticed problems being able to concentrate, remember mechanics and my reaction time was all messed up.  I made it up to Warmaster Blackhorn in January when I stopped raiding and within a week or so I ended up in the hospital.  Yup, something wasn’t right.

Now,  I have Fibromyalgia, seronegative Rheumatoid Arthritis, IBS and apparently have become (or was before but it wasn’t as bad) lactose intolerant.  And it is all tied together, one disease to the other somehow.  But I want to raid again…I just can’t seem to give up the idea that maybe, just maybe I can raid again.  I am trying to come to terms with not being able to work like I did before or at all, but raiding a couple times a week would give me something to work towards.  It would be nice to have something to look forward to.

Some things I don’t have a choice in,  playing World of Warcraft is one thing I will NOT give up because of some disease that keeps me from being able to reach all my keybinds…I will be getting a Razer Naga as soon as the funds are available.  My son thinks that will give me the extra binds I need to play more like I use to.  For now I will continue using my Thermal Take Saphira gaming mouse and use modifiers or go back to clicking if I must.  Anything to keep playing…

See..I went all goofy here and stumbled off the path I started on.  What I hope everyone gets is that just because someone is new to raiding, does not mean that they will automatically be holding a group back from great things.  Sometimes they bring great things with them…like Patience…Persistence…and Preparedness