What to do on Tuesdays…

Trying a little Transmog

Calizari finally got her feet wet in Transmog yesterday.  Only two pieces tho…Head and Shoulders…I like the shoulder animation.   I keep looking at the Tier 14 pieces and just can’t get excited about having any of it drop other than for upgrade purposes.  Stats…purely stats.  It wasn’t as expensive as I thought it would be to transmog so this is something I could get more into later.  She will need a matching set eventually…and that will require some research.

Not a busy week, but not boring either.  She went into a guild run of as many folks as we could get to do 10man Dragon Soul.  One of our Rogues changed his main for MoP and is trying to get his daggers and other achieves so I decided to help out.  Only 2 bosses left but a few needed to go early…so hopefully we can run it again tonight and have enough people on long enough to finish it up all at once for this week.

Server maintenance… extended server maintenance…gives me more time to watch more videos recorded from live streams.  Woohoo!  I watch primarily Resto Shaman streams/vids when I can find good ones.  There are getting to be some that you have to pay a subscription just to watch their stream….no thanks!  I pay enough just to play…there are plenty of other good streams that are free to watch that I can learn from.

What else to do during server downtime?  Look at UI compilations over at UI Interface!  I recently tried out this one http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info16804-ShadowmagesUI1920x1080Wide.html and like it so far.  The only problem I am having is reading the text…it’s a bit too small for me on 1920X1080 resolution…have not tried to go down a step with it yet tho.   And I found another that I am going to give a shot today.  Also on Wowinterface of course…http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info21811-DargansElvUI.html  I made a second copy of  WoW on my second hard drive to try it out.  If it runs smoother and is easier to see and read…I may try it out for a week or so.  Gives me something to do I guess…that and read up on Heart of Fear mechanics.


Getting things done…with less brain fog

I am better now that the Prednisone is working…the morning after starting it, I woke up to MUCH less pain than I had the night before which shocked me and made me jump up out of bed.  When I put both feet on the floor and realized that I didn’t have rocks in my feet I was ecstatic!  What an improvement!  I am trying not to get my hopes up, but not being in so much pain everyday is a start.

So now I am trying not to over do it because I have some of my energy back, and the swelling in hands and feet has started going down but hasn’t gone down as much as I had hoped by now…not sure if it has something to do with the dosage or not.  I guess I will see in a couple days what doc has to say about it.

Ready for MoP!

I have managed to get Calizari’s Jewelcrafting, Mining, Fishing and Cooking maxed out and ready for Mists.  I really like playing Shaman…maybe it just took me a while to overcome the whole totems management thing, but I love the insta Ghost Wolf and who wouldn’t love peeling yourself off the floor when it’s needed once in a while?  I will take that over a Battle Rez any day.  And I have always thought that Shaman had the most awesome looking gear in the game.

Now to wait around for the xpac. Three weeks to go!  In the mean time I have to get Ezdenia leveled up and get her professions maxxed.  After that, I have no idea what to do til Mists.  During the day I am often the only one on in my guild.  And things are going to be getting a little busier for me during the evenings now that the school year has started again.  So I am going to look for a second server for daytime playing.  Since the Draenei curiosity has to be dealt with,  a new shaman will obviously be Alliance.

Since being on the Prednisone and feeling better other than a couple side effects, I took a look at the toons I have created and not leveled and have been wondering what to do with them.

Now, I really like my Shaman and would like to be at my best by the time Raids open up in Mists.  Checking out a few of the High pop servers to see what I can find and then get busy leveling a Shaman there as well.  I have three weeks ya know!  Not much else for me to do other than sit and wait for eggs to hatch out a Green Proto…like I would get that lucky.

Servers are back up after the restart, so off I go again.

The rush after the patch

I think I over did it…but Calizari is at 381ilvl.   My hands are so swelled this morning that I can’t play.  Grrr!!

Got in to see doc fast and he fit me in like usual and I am on oral Prednisone for now.

I hope this stuff works…because I sucked in LFR last night..and still managed to be in the top three overall in the second half….maybe they were sore and stiff fingered like me tho.  At least I got the achievement out of it!

And I know there are many playing this game who have one or more of the many chronic pain diseases/conditions…and I hope the best for them..the best doctor, the best meds and the best luck..because that factors in there too.  Every little bit helps..for diagnosis…for being more comfortable with less pain and most of all a better quality of life.  Because there is no cure for this shit…not for Rheumatoid Arthritis and not for Fibromyalgia…which isn’t what any of us wants to hear.

So for now I watch TV and hope for fast working medication and a chance at an aggressive treatment for this.  Doctor said that by Saturday I should be noticing a big improvement.
I hope he is right.

Through all of this…I got very frustrated with my UI and ended up going with Tukui.  I really like it so far.  I kept my Vuhdo of course but have had an issue with it not recognizing Purify Spirit and seems hit and miss when I try to use it.  Hopefully they have that fixed soon.  Hmmm….looks like Vuhdo just did an update…guess I will log on just to take a peek.  Nothing else to do…afternoon Soap operas are…well….boring.

Trying new UIs

Last night my previous addon, AffinityUI, started giving me grief.  It changed me to the DPS option when I zoned in after a wipe during a dungeon.  So I tried to get that fixed and when nothing worked and it looked like I was going to have to reinstall, I chose to try a new UI instead.  I think its time to start trying out some of the UIs on WowInterface until I find the right one for Ezdenia and Calizari.

My computer setup for now:

For video, I run a single ATI Radeon HD 5670 with 1Gb of memory running two 22″ Widescreen monitors (one being a loner from my oldest son).  He got me hooked on being able to play WoW on one monitor while having Raid strats open on the other…it has come in handy!

So now I have MayronUI Gen2 installed and running at 1920X1080 resolution. This UI package runs Grid instead of Vuhdo, so I will give Grid a shot again and see if I can get use to it or not.  It seems to be able to work from the get-go without having to change any settings.  The only thing I did was download Clique, since I have never learned to heal using mouseover macros.

I do like it so far but after my first dungeon run I am getting a lot of video lag.  Not exactly sure what is causing it, but there are quite a few addons in it that are out of date.  I would be happier if I could get the video lag reduced a bit.  I changed the settings on my desktop theme and will see if that happened to be what was causing my video lag in dungeons. I like the UI, so I hope it will be an easy fix.


Guess I’m off to see if I can find the source of video lag…and maybe get a level or two before calling it a night.

The summer doldrums

I finally broke down and put Ezdenia to work at Tailoring and Enchanting.  She had her small bank stuffed full of cloth that she, Trivenna and Calizari had collected while dungeoning.

It is giving her something to do while waiting for her dungeon queue to pop.  It’s better than pacing back and forth in Org muttering to oneself.

I am also checking out different UI setups from WoWInterface.  Last night my previous UI (AffinityUI) started giving me some grief.  So instead of reinstalling it after failing to get it back to its original healer settings, I decided to try a new UI.

It’s summer and I am ready to try something new to keep from boring myself to death before the next expansion comes out.

Regardless of my UI, I am still having fun leveling Ezdenia and Calizari!  And now that there are getting to be quite a few more new spells for Ezdenia to learn, I am trying to get  my UI just right so she can keep track of it all better.

Have a favorite UI to recommend?  I have plenty of time this summer to try out more!