What to do on Tuesdays…

Trying a little Transmog

Calizari finally got her feet wet in Transmog yesterday.  Only two pieces tho…Head and Shoulders…I like the shoulder animation.   I keep looking at the Tier 14 pieces and just can’t get excited about having any of it drop other than for upgrade purposes.  Stats…purely stats.  It wasn’t as expensive as I thought it would be to transmog so this is something I could get more into later.  She will need a matching set eventually…and that will require some research.

Not a busy week, but not boring either.  She went into a guild run of as many folks as we could get to do 10man Dragon Soul.  One of our Rogues changed his main for MoP and is trying to get his daggers and other achieves so I decided to help out.  Only 2 bosses left but a few needed to go early…so hopefully we can run it again tonight and have enough people on long enough to finish it up all at once for this week.

Server maintenance… extended server maintenance…gives me more time to watch more videos recorded from live streams.  Woohoo!  I watch primarily Resto Shaman streams/vids when I can find good ones.  There are getting to be some that you have to pay a subscription just to watch their stream….no thanks!  I pay enough just to play…there are plenty of other good streams that are free to watch that I can learn from.

What else to do during server downtime?  Look at UI compilations over at UI Interface!  I recently tried out this one http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info16804-ShadowmagesUI1920x1080Wide.html and like it so far.  The only problem I am having is reading the text…it’s a bit too small for me on 1920X1080 resolution…have not tried to go down a step with it yet tho.   And I found another that I am going to give a shot today.  Also on Wowinterface of course…http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info21811-DargansElvUI.html  I made a second copy of  WoW on my second hard drive to try it out.  If it runs smoother and is easier to see and read…I may try it out for a week or so.  Gives me something to do I guess…that and read up on Heart of Fear mechanics.


To do list for Calizari

Busy, busy, busy…

But there is a lot to get done!

She needs to get leveled as quick as possible…that is probably going to be the most important thing to get done.

Jewelcrafting/Mining need to be leveled for use of Cata gems and so they are useful right away when MoP launches.  Maybe, just maybe the new JC mounts will catch her eye!  Kind of doubt it tho…she almost drools over the Proto Drakes hanging out in Org!

Cooking, Fishing and First Aid must be leveled up as well….they will be as important as crafting professions.  Archeology will have to fit in there somewhere as well, wouldn’t want to forget the mindless surveying now would we?

Use and learn her Elemental Spec better for gold farming use…otherwise maybe she should think about an Enhancement spec and set of gear for that task.  Gold…much needed for things to come in the next expansion.  Not easy when you have started over on a new realm, but not impossible either.  Ezdenia can help there….Enchants and new big Bags should help a bit.

Farm when she can for the Time Lost Proto Drake and work on Oracle rep as well.  Between the two she should be able to get a sweet looking dragon to ride around on.

Servers are up!  Time to get to work!

Ezdenia @ 60!


Ezdenia made it to level 60 on Monday.  She managed to make it this far, and is getting impatient to get to 85.  Then the real fun begins.  I say this because so many randoms lately have been hit and miss…mostly miss.  Some know what they are doing and where they are going and the ones that don’t, well…they don’t last long.

Anyway, I can see why Disc priests are so popular!  And I thought she would be too squishy healing.  She does ok for herself tho.

I have to say tho, that with a good group and a good tank…it can be boring.  And as I found out from 57-60, if you have a good Dk tank it can get very boring.  But that is good right?  Things die faster and dungeons are run faster…which in turn means we level faster.  But I did actually find myself wishing for a jumpy hunter or impatient mage to pull something extra into the mix a few times.  Something to make it more interesting…and give me something more to do than bubble tank, wait, wait, wait, Penance if he blows through the bubble and is getting near half health…or if not and dps is getting hit for some reason, then I can throw out a Prayer of Healing and be done.   I think I like rush of someone accidentally pulling an extra group, just so I could save the day.  Which tends to put a smile on my face for a little while.

I gave her a break today and got to work on Calizari so she could get back to having some fun too.  Although tomorrow evening Ezdenia insists on going with guildies on a Molten Core run.  If only she were 70…then she could hitch a ride to the Karazhan run that is going on right before that.  Oh well, she will just have to do with what she can get…for now.

She managed to get a Smolderweb Egg during one of her many Blackrock Spire runs.  She did miss out on the other companion pet that drops in either Upper or Lower Blackrock Spire.  That’s ok…maybe Calizari will get a chance or two at it.  While Calizari was traveling through Booty Bay…she remembered to stop and buy a couple each of the Senegal and Cockatiel.  So now she and Ezdenia have those as well.  Which quickly got Ezzy the Plenty of Pets Achievement!

The other rather obvious thing I have noticed while playing around on Ezdenia is that she has the BEST rolls of any toon I have ever played on!  I mean this goblin rocks when she rolls!  It’s pretty bad when she fills her bags before the end of an Upper or Lower Blackrock Spire run.  She has ran willy-nilly through that place throwing trash out of her bags just to be sure she didn’t miss out on any gear drops.  She needs them for Enchanting mats ya know!  😉

Well, at least she is resting a little now…but I bet she is already kicking around the dirt waiting for tomorrow nights run…let’s just hope there are enough that signed up for it that she gets to go.  Otherwise she will have to wait to see what else she can find to do.

An excellent way to spend the next 30 days! And by then I will have a new Main, and probably a new Main Alt as well. I haven’t even thought about how I started out playing and my first toon I started out on.  So this got me thinking about all that…and it has been quite a while since I have even logged onto my first toon…much thought on that subject going on now.  😉

If you haven’t been over on The Blue Haired Geek…go check her out!

The Blue Haired Geek

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Week 3: Trio Dings 40!

Trivenna is finally getting some of the Plate gear she needs.  It has been pretty easy just managing Holy Power with the few healing spells she has now.  She definitely can take more of a beating when tanks can’t hold aggro.   It’s kind of boring healing 5 mans, unless things get crazy, but that doesn’t always end well either.


Ezdenia got her ‘Wings’ and is playing around with those a little bit. Doing Dps just feels weird somehow too.  I have already had one Tank that had no clue about Smite healing Disc priests and rage quit.  I may take a look at the non-atonement spec and be more of a shield spammer. And since I haven’t done any PvP as Disc yet, it may be a good time to check out a PvP spec and give that a go soon anyway.  Lots to figure out on Ezzy. 


And Calizari is having a blast! She finally got rid of those starter area Bracers and has gotten some better gear.  After so many groups that would rather goof off than kill mobs, she needs all the gear she can get to keep her alive.  The only piece that has not dropped for her yet is a Head piece.  Maybe tomorrow.


So they should all be happy toons and get a little bit of rested time built up.  Ezzy….umm Ezdenia looks so cute when she pops her wings! I need to do some reading on Disc Priests.   I will start with some reading on MMO Champion and then see what there is on YouTube to watch on Disc Priests and then of course there are a few Blogs to check out as well that may help me find what I am looking for.

Leveling multiple toons…efficiently?

…and without heirlooms!   Is that even possible?  I mean, I am searching for a toon that fits me, that is fun, in PvE and PvP.  Getting to the end (a new Main) sooner is definitely better right?

I have thought about it, and I think I should level all three (Shaman, Priest and Paladin) at the same time.  I think that would give me a better comparison and help choose the one I like playing the most.  It will definitely help me reach my goal sooner I think, as one or more classes could fall out before getting anywhere near max level.

So here are the 3 I have chosen to level as healers; going as high a level as necessary for me to decide or notice that I favor one over the others:

1) Resto Shaman (Orc) = currently 50 and taking a small break (gaining rested time helps)

2) Discipline Priest (Goblin) = starting from 1 and as soon as she is 15 with good enough gear, off to LFD she will go

3) Holy Paladin (Blood Elf) = starting from 1 and off to LFD at 15

Names…names…names…permanent names or something just for this project?  Not sure why I am bothering to debate this with myself.  I always end up spending a couple hours coming up with something unique that no one else has used yet.  And if I find I don’t like that toon, should I delete her or let her relax and sit around until the next expansion or the one after that.  You know, in case they change play/healing styles with the classes again.  😉

So I begin playing the little Goblin Priest to 50 and then the BE Pally to 50 also.  So wish me luck…and more good days than bad.


How I like to spend my free time

Since I have quite a bit more time on my hands lately, I have been able to spend some time on a couple hobbies and also added a new one.

From as far back as I can remember, I have always loved to read.  Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys were read in entirety.  Thank you school libraries! I have gone through phases of reading Historical Romance novels but at the moment Fantasy/Fiction novels have my full attention.  I have read the Inheritance cycle by Christopher Paolini (Eragon ring a bell?), the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and many Stephen King novels and will hopefully read The Stand this coming winter.  The movie was good, so I have high hopes for the book.

Currently I am fumbling through my husbands collection of Terry Brooks novels of the Shannara series.  I am working on The Elfstones of Shannara. Its only the 2nd book and I am really enjoying it.

So I like fantasy novels the most, they probably helped pave the way to the hobby I began in 2008…World of Warcraft.  My oldest son got me started on that hobby and I have been playing ever since. I will tell more about this hobby in later posts, since it seems to be what I spend more time doing than either Reading or Sudoku.

I finally decided to try Sudoku and had fun with it, so I have taken up doing Sudoku puzzles to keep my mind working against the fibro fog.

Not bad for cheap hobbies, eh?  They should keep me from total boredom in between visits from my kids and grandkids.  😉